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Developing smarter meters to drive sustainable solutions

We develop products, solutions and services based on the intelligent metering of water and energy. The core of our business is developing and producing highly accurate meters to measure gas, heat and water levels in distribution networks. By equipping these meters with cutting-edge technology and smart connectivity, we transform them into valuable tools to drive lasting performance, costs savings and greater sustainability for our customers.

Since we first started manufacturing meters over 150 years ago, we have pioneered several industry innovations. Our IZAR technology was one of the first to enable meters to be read remotely via radio. In 2008, we became the first to market water meters with the high precision ultrasonic technology. And we continue to seek new ways to constantly enhance our offer through digitalization, innovation and customization, extending our portfolio to answer the emerging needs of smart cities, as well as commerce and industry.

Our constant motivation is to build lasting relationships by shaping more efficient and reliable water and energy networks for our customers, enabling them to provide more responsible and sustainable services to communities everywhere.

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