IZAR RC H radio is designed for remote meter reading. The radio operates under PRIOS protocol at a frequency of 868 or 434 MHz. It is compatible with Diehl Metering modular meters in Hall or mixed version (grey ring).
IZAR RC H is easy to fit and is field programmable with the identification number of the associated meter.
IZAR RC H radio module transmits the meter reading via a unidirectional radio link every 8 seconds. IZAR RC H offers a number of functions (index at anniversary date, remaining battery lifetime, etc.) and alarms (leaks, meter blocked, reverse water flow etc.).
One fixed battery enables independent operation for up to 15 years of standard use.


  • Compact radio transmitter
  • Compatible with a mixed or modular meter Hall
  • Available in 868 MHz and 434 MHz
  • IP 68
  • Battery lifetime up to 15 years
  • Different functions and alarms
  • Principle of operation

    IZAR RC H includes an electronic circuit that records the data sent by an emitter and stores it in a memory. IZAR RC H transmits the index and other operating data every 8 seconds.

    Walk-by/Drive-by :
    The IZAR HANDHELD PSION* equipped with an IZAR RECEIVER BLUETOOTH is first loaded with the reading round data. It collects the reading data and directly transfers it to the central computer system.

    Fixed network :
    A fixed IZAR RECEIVER GPRS/LAN installed in buildings will collect the data from all the IZAR RC H, memorized it, and send it every day through GPRS/LAN to a centralized server.
    Reading through MBus application with IZAR CENTER is possible as well.

    (*) The IZAR system is compatible with other handheld computers as well. Please contact us.

  • Technical data
    Communication protocolPRIOS
    FrequencyMHz868 / 434
    Transmission powermW16
    Transmission modeunidirectional
    Radio rangeUp to 500 m depending on the environment
    ApprovalEN 300 220, CE RTTE
    Power supply1fixed lithium battery 3.6 V
    Battery lifetimeup to 15 years *
    * Standard conditions of use and temperature. Theorical life, with no guarantee.
  • Ambient conditions
    Operating temperature range°C-15 ... +55
    Storage temperature range°C-20 ... +70
    Ambient humidity%0 ... 100
    Degree of protectionIP 68
    ATEXOn request
  • Programming
    InterfaceOptical IrDA
    Alarms managementLeak detection; Mechanical and magnetic tampering; Meter stopped; Overflow; Underflow; Backflow; Historical index
  • Compatibility Izar
    MetersDiehl Metering modular range : Pulse weight DN15 to DN40 mm (1 liter) / Pulse weight DN50 to DN100 mm (10 liters)
  • Dimensions