Water challenge in Greece with mioty connectivity

Dedicated Project in Greece puts Mioty connectivity in the spotlight to address the urgent water issues in Greece.

Water challenge in Greece with mioty connectivity Water challenge in Greece with mioty connectivity
Diehl Metering

Dedicated Project in Greece puts Mioty connectivity in the spotlight to address the urgent water issues in Greece.

As per whole Europe now, Greece faces water stress for years and in 2020 was ranked 26th in the world in terms of water stress levels. By 2050, Greece is projected to experience a temperature increase of 2°C and a decrease in rainfall by 18 percent. These changes could lead to more frequent and intense droughts, while the recharge of groundwater, which is crucial for Greece's water supply, may continue to decline. Although there are potential solutions to mitigate future water shortages, Greece will need to overcome the challenge.

One of the major challenges is conserving water. With measures to curb water consumption and improve water efficiency. Households contribute to 14 percent of water consumption in Greece, and the country has one of the highest rates of water usage in the European Union, with nearly 177 liters per person per day. However, there are numerous techniques and technologies available that can help reduce domestic water use and alleviate water stress.

Diehl Metering always in partnership with our distributor in Greece Achaiki Oreichalkourgia work to help Greek utilities improve their facilities and respond to the challenge.

Following over two years of relentless dedication in partnership with our esteemed distributor in Greece, Achaiki Oreichalkourgia, we are proud that our solutions have been chosen in a highly competitive tender with Vélo-Vócha municipality. We will supply a total of 8,000 units Hydrus 2.0 Residential smart water meters, boasting mioty® for metering connectivity, in addition to approximately 100 Hydrus 2.0 BULK. To augment the capabilities of our solution, we will be implementing fixed network and mobile reading solutions, employing our IZAR IoT GATEWAY Premium.

The 2-million-euro contract was signed on May 2nd at the city hall of Vélo-Vócha municipality with Achaiki Oreichalkourgia. Achaiki’s representatives, namely Ioannis Adamopoulos (founder, Konstantinos Adamopoulos and Antonis Katsaros (managers of Achaiki’s team of engineers) as well as Emilien Boivin and Nordine Meniai, Diehl Metering experts were present and of course the city mayor Annivas Papakyriakos.

It is of utmost importance to underline that our connectivity solution has garnered appreciation and trust within the market despite all other available options on the market. With mioty® technology and its subset dedicated to metrology mioty® for metering, we were able to offer an innovative solution to Vélo-Vócha municipality enabling them to build an ultra-low power, scalable and very long-range IoT network.

This is a formidable collaboration with Vélo-Vócha municipality, eagerly anticipating the delivery of exceptional results while contributing to the advancement of intelligent water management in Greece.

Source : Nation Geographic