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Operating above expectations

Diehl Defence
Operating above expectations Operating above expectations

With its exhibition at Singapore Airshow 2020, Diehl Defence aims at exceeding the expectations of the visitors.

From 11 to 16 February, the German technology leader shows on booth J70 which possibilities modular system solutions of ground-based air defence can offer in order to optimally meet individual needs of different armed forces.

With the guided missile IRIS-T, Diehl does not only present one of the most modern air-to-air armaments for fighter aircraft but also a multi-functional weapon which has proven itself during surface-to-air use.

Diehl aims at exceeding expectations of the Navy with the future submarine weapon system IDAS offering a more effective defence of the antisubmarine warfare from the air for the first time.
The far-reaching target engagement of the naval gunnery shall gain a new quality regarding range and precision by usage of VULCANO guided ammunition which was developed together with the Italian partner Leonardo.

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