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Integration center put into operation

Diehl Defence
Integration center put into operation Integration center put into operation
Integration building comprising nine fully networked truck spaces
Integration center put into operation Integration center put into operation
Diehl Integration Center with 38-ton cargo lift

In its Röthenbach plant near Nürnberg, Diehl Defence put into operation the new integration and test center for modern systems of ground-based air defence at the beginning of July.

It is the first fabrication facility for complete systems in Germany and an expansion of national skills in the engagement of attacks and threats from the air. On the area of 3.4 hectares, all system components – radar equipment, combat center and missile launcher – are tested, installed on carrier vehicles and subsequently put into operation in a system network. From here, delivery to customers and armed forces takes place. The new center disposes of a fully equipped integration building, comprising of a heavy load ceiling crane and nine fully networked truck parking spaces as well as additional ten networked parking spaces in a special truck port for a continuous flow of materials. In the center of the circular test area, a 38-ton cargo lift is located on the outside with the help of which completely equipped radar vehicles or other sen-sors have a 360° all-round visibility without hindrance at a height of eight meters above the ground.

With this major investment, the family-owned Diehl Group sets the course for a consistent expansion in the air defence field. At full capacity utilization, up to four firing units with maximum five launchers each, plus radar and fire-control radar are supposed to be completed per year. A large number of new workplaces was created in the strictly shielded security control zone. First deliveries for an export customer are already envisaged for this year. Launchers with the sec-ondary missile for the future Tactical Air Defence System (TLVS) of the German Air Force are also supposed to be delivered from Röthenbach.

Now, Germany not only has an own production line for overall systems of ground-based air defence but Diehl offers, among others, also solutions which, if required, are only based on system components of national manufacturers. All in all, this is a gain of independence, sover-eignty and security of supply – also for Europe.

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