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Franco-German industrial cooperation for ultra-lightweight missile

Diehl Defence

At the Paris Air Show, Diehl Defence and Safran Electronics & Defence signed an agreement on the development of a tactical air-to-ground weapon system for flying platforms.

Based on experience gathered in recent missions, the particularly lightweight weapon system with the designation HUSSAR is to combine the benefits of a larger loadout with the capability to even engage time-sensitive targets. The 'scalable effects' warhead will be optimized for the engagement of stationary and moving targets while avoiding collateral damage in complex mission scenarios. An innovative navigation platform in conjunction with various seeker options, including semi-active laser sensor, will enable highly precise target engagement.
HUSSAR will be carried by a smart multi-launcher which will considerably increase typical aircraft loadout with up to 8 effectors. System design will focus on the requirements of current and future platforms, such as the planned Franco-German next-generation fighter aircraft or the European unmanned MALE (Medium Altitude Long Endurance) system.
HUSSAR is basically designed for multi-platform use on fighter aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles, featuring efficient and fast mission accomplishment, independently of the flight direction.