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Air Defence Systems

Air Defence Systems IRIS-T SLM/SLS

Air defence systems are used to protect the population, important buildings, objects as well as ground troops against attacks from the air. Particularly ground-based air defence is capable of providing continuous area protection over the long term. For the Bundeswehr´s Tactical Air Defence System (TLVS), Diehl Defence developed the surface-launched IRIS-T SL, an upgraded version of the IRIS-T missile equipping fighter aircraft of numerous countries worldwide. In combination with various radar and command systems, IRIS-T SL offers the capabilities and benefits of an advanced air defence system. An entire IRIS-T SLM system was tested successfully for the first time in 2014 in the presence of international representatives.

Presently Diehl is equipping the Swedish Army with the IRIS-T SLS short-range air-defence system. The SHORAD solution employs the IRIS-T air-to-air missile, operative in Sweden, for vertical launch from the Hägglunds Bv410 carrier platform.  


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