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Boxes for Batteries

Boxes for BatteriesBoxes for Batteries
Boxes for BatteriesBoxes for Batteries

In electric vehicles, the employed batteries are generally classified as hazardous materials under international regulations.

For storage and transport of hazardous materials, such as lithium-ion batteries (UN 3480), tested hazmat packaging is required. Special regulations apply to transport of damaged batteries.

Sophisticated packaging solutions

For this application, we developed sophisticated packaging solutions using sustainable wood as a raw material.

Various easy-to-handle fastening options allow the crate to properly accommodate any battery. For this we provide fire-resistant and fireproof insulation materials meeting legal requirements. Returnable packaging can also be used.

In addition to delivery with various standard crates, we also implement customers’ special requirements.

Dimensions: as needed

Weights: up to 3,100 kg of allowable total weight