Environmental testing

Environmental testing Environmental testing
Environmental testing Environmental testing
Environmental testing Environmental testing

The process of developing technical devices and systems raises the issue of their operational reliability under adverse conditions. Environmental testing is conducted during and at the end of the development phase.

Test results indicate whether the design meets specified requirements. They also provide information for improvement permitting evaluation of the device’s reliability.

The Röthenbach environmental testing center (UWPZ) simulates environmental conditions affecting devices and components during operation, transport and storage. UWPZ Röthenbach performs the tests according to customers instructions as well as national and international standards.

Examples of test variables include:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Vibration
  • X-rays
  • Salt mist
  • Mechanical impact, etc.

The Röthenbach environmental testing center features experienced personnel trained for preparing and performing tests. Moreover, they advise and assist customers with test setups.

On request, we also devise test plans based on customer instructions. For each test, the UWPZ provides testing protocols describing all relevant test parameters. 

Environmental testing center equipment: 

Vibration and shock testing

  • Electro-dynamic vibration systems
  • Digital control systems
  • Shock test system

Transport test systems

  • Striking mechanism
  • Permanent shaping machine
  • Sway machine

Temperature and climate tests

  • Temperature testing chests
  • Air conditioning device
  • Climate chamber
  • Flight altitude simulation chamber

Stationary X-ray system

  • 320 kV X-ray system
  • Digital image amplifier

Fall tower system

  • Cable-guided fall bar (interior fall system)
  • Free fall system (exterior fall system)

Salt mist and water tests

  • Salt mist chamber
  • Exsiccator (water density vat)