Surface treatment

Surface treatment Surface treatment
Surface treatment Surface treatment
Surface treatment Surface treatment

Surface treatment through impregnation / varnishing / painting / labeling


Wood is a natural product and must be protected from organic pests, such as fungus and mold, depending on the planned application. This is carried out through immersion or spray impregnation with approved materials.

Varnishing / painting:

For protection against changing weather conditions or to improve camouflage for military applications, we employ full-surface varnishing or painting.

While the surface still remains visible after varnishing, and, depending on the structure, color deviations may occur, painting provides a consistent color in all RAL or military colors. Our efficient state-of-the-art painting facility meets all current environmental and occupational medical requirements. The facility allows coating of products with dimensions up to 1,400x500x600 mm in large quantities, both inside and out. For environmental reasons, we use water-based paint systems only.


For civilian and military applications, easily identifiable labeling is required spanning the entire  product life cycle. This is accomplished with inkjet processes, silkscreen or spray stencils. Consequently we are capable of fulfilling customer requests rapidly and flexibly creating the appropriate labeling for every product. Depending on requirements, labeling can be carried out in various colors and with special characters in one work process.

Our technical expertise and high capacity provide for producing small and large series in short time spans.