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Hazardous Containers

Hazardous ContainersHazardous Containers
Hazardous ContainersHazardous Containers
Hazardous ContainersHazardous Containers

Hazardous containers for military and civil applications are, depending on the purpose, made of different materials and can also be integrated to system solutions as inner and outer packaging.

The sleeve of the hazardous materials container is made of a combination of gray cardboard, natron kraft paper with or without PE or an aluminum barrier layer. These materials are produced in a spiral winding process through adhesion with dispersion glue.

The outer layer usually consists of asphalt impregnated natron paper as a water-repellent layer, which can be painted in RAL colors on request.

The container’s lid and floor are attached with rolled-on or glued sheet metal parts, depending on requirements.

An adhesive strip is used for closing the container, and for premium containers spring-loaded locks are used.  

For safe accomodation of hazardous material in the container, internal fittings of gray cardboard, plastic or EPDM are used and adapted to the geometry of the packaged item.

Features and benchmark data

  • Reusable
  • Maximum protection of packaged goods during transport and storage
  • Spray and rain resistant
  • Materials that prevent formation of condensation
  • Water and air tight
  • Recycled materials
  • Approved for sea, land and air transport

Diameter of 27 mm to 270 mm
Lengths from 8 to 2,000 mm
Other dimensions on request