Why smart metering holds the key to new trends in sub-metering

Why smart metering holds the key to new trends in sub-metering Why smart metering holds the key to new trends in sub-metering
Diehl Metering

Sub-metering is increasingly facing an evolving environment. Today, consumers in multi-family homes expect to pay for their actual energy consumption rather than estimates. Furthermore, legislation is imposing new regulations on the sector. In the EU, the Energy Efficiency Directive makes it obligatory to enable remote meter reading and supply tenants with monthly data about their hot water and heating/cooling consumption.

At Diehl Metering, we can help you with these challenges. Through our smart metering solutions, you’ll not only be able to meet consumer expectations and legal requirements; you’ll also unlock new benefits and opportunities in sub-metering.

With our Walk-by/Drive-by solution, you can collect consumption data simply by walking around or driving past apartment buildings. The system makes tenant appointments a thing of the past, allowing you to save time while eliminating the potential errors of manual readings.

To go a step further, you can choose our Fixed network solution to automate remote reading of all your communicating water and heat/cooling meters, as well as other sensors compatible with the Open Metering System (OMS) standard. The advantages? You’ll save time on data collection while enabling frequent meter readings and you can offer additional data-based services. To increase tenant satisfaction, you can provide even more transparency by sharing consumption data throughout the year.

An alternative solution we propose is our M-Bus wired network to automate remote meter reading. This is particularly suited to buildings that are already equipped with the right infrastructure or where radio-based data transmission is challenging. Like with a fixed network, you’ll free up your time while improving tenant safety and transparency.

Across all these solutions, our IZAR software provides you with a clear overview of your meter and sensor data – with the possibility of connecting to other systems such as your billing software. And why not offer tenants our IZAR@HOME smartphone app? They’ll be able to follow their consumption throughout the year, motivating them to adopt more energy-efficient behavior.

For all the details of our sub-metering solutions and the benefits, discover our Sub-metering page.

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