The new IZAR@HOME consumer app is now available – Offer your customers new service solutions

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The new IZAR@HOME consumer app is now available – Offer your customers new service solutions The new IZAR@HOME consumer app is now available – Offer your customers new service solutions

Fixed network for full transparency about consumption, anomalies and device status in the overall distribution network was only the first step. Today, we’re taking it to the next level. In times of optimization information is key.  What about making your customers benefit from it?

Add the IZAR@HOME app to your offer and empower your customers to monitor and adjust their water and thermal energy consumption in their household -  at any time via their smartphone. The granular (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) consumption history and analysis are transparently visualized and help to raise awareness about their own consumption behavior.

The consumption benchmark allows your customers to compare their own usage with peer groups. This serves your customers with a detailed information base and incentive to use resources in a responsible and careful way, to save money and to contribute to sustainability.

Thanks to the provided meter indexes and consumption values, your customers receive the latest billing information in a clear and understandable manner.

Additionally, with the integrated alert messages of the app, your customers will be informed early in the event of an anomaly such as potential leakages. Therefore, problems can be solved quickly and severe damages can be avoided before costs start piling up.

As a direct contact platform between customer and utility, the IZAR@HOME app reinforces customer engagement and with the FAQs of the Help Center function, the need for one-to-one support will be significantly reduced.

No matter where or when, your customers have access to all relevant information right at their fingertips. The first step for consumption optimization right from the customers’ sofa becomes a reality.

With the IZAR@HOME app, not only you have the opportunity to expand to a new business field, but you also increase customer satisfaction and retain customers in the long run.

Get in contact with us, test the free demo version and initiate together with us a solution-oriented future.

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