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Sub-metering: Creating new areas of business with Diehl Metering

Diehl Metering
Sub-metering: Creating new areas of business with Diehl MeteringSub-metering: Creating new areas of business with Diehl Metering

Increased interest in new business models means that water and energy utilities are focusing more upon the topic of sub-metering. Fair and reliable measurement of water and energy consumption also requires tailor-made solutions for multi-party households. Alongside rising energy prices and tenants’ greater awareness of costs and the environment, the changing legal framework also calls for more transparency in sub-metering.

Diehl Metering’s sub-metering portfolio provides you with everything from a single source: from precise measuring devices for consumption-based billing to systems and software for automated reading and evaluation of collected measurement data.

Thanks to their outstanding precision, our unique, high-quality measuring devices ensure fair and correct billing – consumption estimations are a thing of the past.

Our solution for mobile read-outs of sub-meters provides tenants with more privacy and means less work for you. Thanks to the walk-by meter data collection you will no longer have to worry about false readings.

Our fixed network system solution for fully automatic remote reading will provide you with valuable additional information through regularly available data. For example, you will be able to detect leaks quickly, and effectively prevent damage to the inside and outside of buildings.

The IZAR software clearly displays the data that has been collected, and is compatible with your billing software via an interface – for uncomplicated billing.

The IZAR@HOME app is an innovative consumer app that ensures conscious consumption behaviour through transparency, visualisation and comparison.

Diehl Metering is opening the door to sub-metering – find out more in our brochure.