SHARKY 775 energy meter maintains maximum 5-star rating in independent heat meter test

SHARKY 775 energy meter maintains maximum 5-star rating in independent heat meter test SHARKY 775 energy meter maintains maximum 5-star rating in independent heat meter test
Diehl Metering

Diehl Metering’s SHARKY 775 ultrasonic energy meter has once again been awarded 5 stars out of 5 for measurement accuracy and measurement stability by the independent tester AGFW. The results confirm SHARKY’s exceptional standards in durability and reliability, providing our customers long-term added value through the highest quality standards.

Based in Germany, AGFW is a neutral and independent energy efficiency association for heating, cooling and combined heat and power. Its heat meter test program is recognized as a benchmark for the metering sector, and consists of rigorously assessing each measuring device under different conditions and across multiple categories. In the most recent AGFW report dated September 2021, SHARKY 775 was again awarded the maximum rating for measurement accuracy and measurement stability. This means our flagship energy meter has consistently scored 5 stars for measurement stability ever since 2007.

Heat meters from Diehl Metering can demonstrate excellent measurement quality even after 4,800 hours of wear testing.

During testing, the SHARKY 775 is put under intense scrutiny as it undergoes the AGFW’s heat meter test. Through a comprehensive series of assessments, every aspect such as measurement accuracy and stability of the meter is evaluated.

Measurement accuracy indicates whether the meter measures correctly compared to a reference. This parameter was tested at different water temperatures.

Measurement stability states whether a meter still measures correctly after wear has been artificially created by means of temperature and flow rate. In the accelerated wear test, the flow sensors are put through their paces by subjecting them, among other things, to a continuous load for over 4,800 hours at 90 °C water temperature.

 In both categories, measuring accuracy and measuring stability, Diehl Metering was able to achieve the highest award *****, i.e. 5 out of 5 stars, for all its tested meters.

The latest results confirm the performance of our high-precision ultrasonic technology in the year of its 30th anniversary. Since we first developed the technology in 1991, we have continued to listen to our customers and offer premium quality products to meet their needs. The long-term stability of the SHARKY energy meter is a testament to Diehl Metering's commitment to quality and to our customers, who can rely on our products.

Following the recent AGFW results, our SHARKY meters will once again feature a seal confirming their 5-star performance in both measurement stability and accuracy. 

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