New brochure showcases smart water solutions

New brochure showcases smart water solutions New brochure showcases smart water solutions
Diehl Metering

To help customers in the water sector to navigate their challenges and find best-fit solutions, Diehl Metering has put together a new brochure. “Smart Water Solutions” offers insights into making water management more intelligent and more responsible for utilities, municipalities and industrial companies.

In the fast-evolving water sector, companies need to manage an increasingly wide range of issues, including Non-Revenue Water, remote meter reading, data reliability and disaster management. At the same time, they must comply with regional and international regulations and meet consumer expectations in terms of sustainability.

At Diehl Metering, we have extensive experience developing and optimizing water networks for a wide range of customers. We were the first company to market an ultrasonic water meter, HYDRUS, and we recently celebrated 30 years since our ultrasonic technology was first pioneered.

In our new “Smart Water Solutions” brochure, we offer a customer-centric approach to the major challenges facing anyone operating in the sector, with recommended solutions and benefits. You’ll learn how our cutting-edge technology helps drive operational efficiency and optimize cost savings while enabling you to grow customer satisfaction and contribute to sustainability.

Across our portfolio, our smart metering solutions are adapted to utilities, sub-metering companies, and commerce and industry. Above all, we believe in future-proofing your network to give you peace of mind in the long-term – whether you’re looking to automate meter readings or implement intelligent analytics to tackle Non-Revenue Water.

Find out how you can benefit from our smart water solutions by downloading our new brochure now.

Watch our Smart water solutions video

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