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Making the unknown in district heating more visible and predictable

Making the unknown in district heating more visible and predictable Making the unknown in district heating more visible and predictable
Diehl Metering

Diehl Metering’s IZAR@SMART ENERGY – Energy Forecast Management Application (EFM) brings intuitive monitoring and forecasting to district heating networks. For utilities, the benefits include reduced operating expenses, optimized time management and greater sustainability.

As cities and utilities look to improve energy efficiency and sustainability, district heating has become an increasingly attractive option. The European Union, for example, is planning to capitalize on district heating as it works towards its 2030 energy efficiency target. In so doing, it aims to make primary energy savings while also reducing CO2 emissions.

The future of district heating lies in achieving greater efficiency in existing networks and integrating alternative heat sources into heat generation. To maximize this potential, utilities need to master the many uncertainties that are inherent in any heat network.

With IZAR@SMART ENERGY – Energy Forecast Management Application, Diehl Metering makes these unknowns visible and more predictable. Through intuitive monitoring of information from smart heat meters and sensors, the software application lets you know exactly what’s happening in your distribution network so you can identify anomalies in real time. You’ll be able to reduce heat loss, decrease maintenance costs and boost customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, the software application offers a clear view of how energy consumption and weather evolve over time, and uses this information to forecast future demand. This empowers you to adjust supply in line with consumption and transition to a demand-driven system that significantly reduces energy loss.

IZAR@SMART ENERGY – Energy Forecast Management Application is the latest example of how Diehl Metering combines innovation and sustainability, continually finding new ways to reduce waste and shape a more sustainable future for all.

Discover full details of the application on our new IZAR@SMART ENERGY web page.

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