IZAR proves its scalability in Amiens

IZAR proves its scalability in Amiens IZAR proves its scalability in Amiens
Diehl Metering

For ten years, Diehl Metering has been working closely with the Amiens metropolitan area in northern France to gradually scale up its solutions and continually bring new improvements to its water network.

The 350km2 Greater Amiens area is home to more than 178,000 inhabitants and supplies water to some 55,000 households. Our relationship with Amiens dates back to 2012, when we won our first tender. Spread over four years, this initial deal was for the delivery of ALTAIR volumetric meters combined with IZAR R4 radio technology to transmit the data.

In 2018, we implemented a Fixed Network, enabling the customer to diversify the way it collects meter readings. First, we installed IZAR RDC PREMIUM and IZAR Battery receivers with antennas on water towers to enable automatic data transfer over a wide area. Then we equipped local waste trucks with IZAR receivers, and provided IZAR@MOBILE 2 tablets to staff. This passive Drive-by solution allows meter readings to be easily collected by waste trucks as they go about their usual rounds.

This year, Amiens metropolitan area is further strengthening its network by transitioning to HYDRUS BULK 2.0, a static ultrasonic bulk water meter that will help with leak detection. This follows the switch to our new-generation IZAR radio communication in 2020, whose range and accuracy make it possible to collect data in places that are difficult to access.

By continually relying on Diehl Metering solutions, Amiens has shown how it can seamlessly scale up its network, ensuring full compatibility with existing installations. Today, all water meters in the metropolitan area can be read in a month using just three refuse trucks. For Amiens, the benefits are both saved time and reduced costs.

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