Successful audits at the Röthenbach location

Diehl Metall Messing, Diehl Metall Schmiedetechnik
Successful audits at the Röthenbach location Successful audits at the Röthenbach location
Production of rods at the Röthenbach location
Successful audits at the Röthenbach location Successful audits at the Röthenbach location
Production of synchronizer rings at the Röthenbach location

In the past weeks there have been several monitoring audits at the Diehl Metall location in Röthenbach in order to verify the quality and environmental processes – all with a very positive result.

Proven quality

Diehl Metall Messing and Diehl Werkzeugbau Seebach were simultaneously audited with respect to their quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015. The auditors found no deviations in the quality management system and assessed the constant further development of the high-tech company as very positive. In addition to the very good audit atmosphere and the high motivation of all participants, the auditors emphasized the extraordinarily good customer satisfaction rate.

Diehl Metall Schmiedetechnik was again able to confirm the effectiveness of its quality management system according to the automotive industry standard IATF 16949:2016. The auditors particularly appreciated the open and transparent manner of all employees and the noticeable improvements compared to the previous year. 

Certified environmental and energy management

The monitoring audit at the Röthenbach location confirmed the environmental and energy management system according to ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 50001:2011. The auditors commended the improved commitment of all employees with regard to environment and energy concerns as well as their responsible use of resources. Especially tidiness and cleanliness were mentioned very positively. In particular, the numerous energy efficiency measures made a lasting impression on the auditors. 

Special gratitude to our employees acting according to our quality standards of our processes and making important contribution to protecting the environment with their environmentally conscious actions.

About Diehl Metall:

Diehl Metall, is a Corporate Division of the Diehl Group founded in 1902 (sales: 3.8 bn. euros, number of employees: 17,173) and is headquartered in Röthenbach a.d. Pegnitz near Nuremberg, The company offers a broad spectrum of innovative products and technologies in the area of metal processing. In a global production network with locations in Europe, Asia, South America and the US, the technology driven company develops application-oriented solutions for international customers.
Diehl Metall also places great value on recyclable alloys and composite materials. To fulfil this responsibility, the company relies on technically optimized production processes and directs innovation activities toward future trends.

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