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Frankfurt am Main. The VDM Metals Group has agreed a cooperation with Diehl Metall for the production of brass alloy rods and tubes. In addition, the two companies plan to jointly develop new lead-free alloy variants in the coming years.

"From now on, we will melt the well-known Aeterna alloys from VDM Metals and process them into rods and hollow rods", explains Alexander Dehnelt, Chief Sales Officer at Diehl Metall. For decades, the Aeterna brand has stood for excellent quality and outstanding properties in the market for hydraulic applications. "With VDM Metals we have an experienced partner at our side who is very established in the market and can optimally meet the customers’ requirements thanks to its flexible business model", says Mr. Dehnelt.

Rods and hollows made of Aeterna alloys are used, for example, to manufacture distributor plates, bushings or sliding shoes in hydraulic pumps. The VDM Metals Group supports its customers from advice on material selection and the design of parts and components through to production and delivery in the desired batch sizes. "We will continue to focus on hydraulic applications and are convinced that with our new partner we will be able to meet our customers' needs even better," explains Stefan Claus, Senior Vice President Sales at VDM Metals. "For Diehl Metall, the new cooperation thus offers the opportunity to develop new business fields and sales markets and to diversify even further", says Dr. Volker Bräutigam, Vice President Business Development at Diehl Metall.

 "For our customers, the new cooperation brings two major advantages. On the one hand, we can rely on Diehl Metall's experience and expertise in the melting and production of copper alloys. In addition to the production rods and hollows, this also applies to forged parts. On the other hand, we will jointly develop lead-free alloy variants based on the existing Aeterna alloys, which even better meet today's demands for sustainability", says Mr. Claus.


About Diehl Metall:

Diehl Metall is a Corporate Division of the Diehl Group founded in 1902 (sales: 3.6 billion euros, employees: 17,557) and has its headquarters in Röthenbach a.d. Pegnitz near Nuremberg. The company offers a broad spectrum of innovative products and technologies in the area of metal processing. In a global production network with locations in Europe, Asia, South America and the US, Diehl Metall develops application-oriented solutions for international customers.

The company assumes responsibility in the area of climate and resource protection, and places great value on recyclable alloys and composite materials. To fulfil this responsibility, Diehl Metall relies on technically optimized production processes and directs its innovation activities toward future trends. 

Contact person:

Diehl Metall Stiftung & Co. KG
Michael Nitz
Director Marketing & Communication

Phone +49 911 5704-180

About VDM Metals:

VDM Metals, based in Werdohl, Germany, is part of the Acerinox S.A. Group. The company develops and manufactures nickel, cobalt and zirconium alloys as well as special stainless steels. For 90 years, VDM Metals has been supplying sheet, strip, rod, wire, welding consumables and powders to customers in the chemical and plant engineering, power generation, oil and gas, electrical engineering and electronics, automotive and aerospace industries. VDM Metals employs approx. 2,000 people worldwide.

Contact person:

VDM Metals Group
Philipp Verbnik
Leiter Marketing und Kommunikation

Phone +49 2392 55 2274

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