Innovation & Expertise

It´s my job to save global resources by implementing smartest metering solutions and services. It´s my job to save global resources by implementing smartest metering solutions and services.

Sharing knowledge and resources is the base of our success.

Benjamin Strauß, Head of Customer Solution Center, provides excellent smart metering solutions and services to our customers which include IoT connectivity and software.

Welcome to a House of Innovation

At Diehl, we turn first-class work into first-class products. We are represented in the top league of a multitude of technologies worldwide – and we do everything we can to further consolidate and extend our competitive edge.

Driven by Technology

As a technology enterprise by tradition, our portfolio stands as a hallmark for quality and innovative power across the global markets. We know, however, that technological leadership is something that must not be taken for granted, but needs to be earned anew each day.

This is why for many years now we have been investing one-tenth of our annual turnover in research & development activities to further expand our know-how. And we are convinced: Our dedication to innovation and technical expertise benefits the group as a whole as well as every single member of our workforce.

Future Trends Become Future Technologies

A job at Diehl brings you in direct touch with the big picture – global megatrends such as urbanization, climate change and digital progress that change the way whole societies live and work. We watch and evaluate the megatrends closely, as they are the basis on which we identify and define the priorities in our upcoming research & development programs. The areas of focused activity that result from this analysis we call Future Trends.

Our employees are constantly exploring and driving forward these Future Trends – e.g. Big Data, Changing Workplace Environments or Smart Life – to create innovations that make the lives of countless people all over the world easier and more secure, and to expand our business portfolio in the process. Learn more about the Future Trends and about our deep commitment to them here! 

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