It is important to me that we can shape our future in a sustainable way. That is why I am with Diehl.

Ranchany Sivagnanasundaram Global Product Manager Heat Meters, Diehl Metering Ansbach

Climate change, growing world population, urbanization, ever scarcer resources - the world is facing major challenges. We must all learn to act sustainably. At Diehl Metering, for example, we develop solutions for an intelligent use of water and thermal energy. The responsible use of our planet's precious resources is what drives us. As well as our social obligation to ensure a future that is worth living for future generations.

Ranchany Sivagnanasundaram Ranchany Sivagnanasundaram
Ranchany Sivagnanasundaram Ranchany Sivagnanasundaram

What drives us is to make heating networks more efficient. It's not just a job I do from 9 to 5 - I have a greater goal.

I studied industrial engineering and already delved into energy and process engineering during my studies. My master thesis specifically dealt with the optimization of heating networks. That's why it was perfect for me to start at Diehl Metering in the area of energy optimization of heating networks directly after my studies. As an engineering trainee, I liked it best in product management. The combination of technology and business economics simply suits me. Today I am Global Product Manager for the SHARKY heat meter. I can contribute all my knowledge and work on the continuous development of our products. The big question that drives us all at Diehl Metering is: How can we make heating networks more efficient? Where can we save energy? And we wish to contribute thereto with our heat meters.

It is a job where I can really make a difference - and there is plenty more thereof at Diehl Metering.

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In for Metering, in for Diehl.

As one of the major players in the industry, Diehl Metering is synonymous with innovative technologies and smart metering. We are a global leader in developing, manufacturing and supplying smart solutions. And have been shaping the history of metering technology since 1862. With our approximately 1,700 employees at 15 locations, we help customers around the world use natural resources and energy efficiently and sensibly. For economic success. For ecological sustainability. For mankind.

  • Standorte
    15 locations
  • Mitarbeitende
    1695 employees
  • Umsatz Diagramm
    322 million turnover in 2021
  • 1862 founding year

Diehl Metering: The most important company key facts at a glance.

Our portfolio includes far more than conventional water meters.

Our customers include public utilities, municipalities and industry. We are known by them and throughout the market not only for the high metrological performance of our meters, but also as a pioneer of ultrasonic technology. Our extensive range of services and solutions includes data-based insights, IoT connectivity, fully flexible software and seamless smart metering systems. We have pioneered a variety of new technologies in the metering sector and keep developing innovations in the areas of digitalization and artificial intelligence. New solutions have emerged by combining meters, software, connectivity and services, such as Smart Leak Detection which helps detect leakages in heat distribution systems, thus saving valuable resources and costs.

Job description: Contribute to a more sustainable future.

We are a big technology group, but working for us does not feel like it. Other than in giant corporations, our employees are more than just a personnel number for us. Of course, our work is highly professional - but also familiar. Experienced and new colleagues respect and learn from each other. We believe that a personal atmosphere fosters collaboration and the emergence of better ideas. And this is what we need to make a difference with our products, systems and services and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Every single one of us has responsibility. Every single one of us can make a difference.

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