It is important to me that people can live in safety everywhere. That's why I am with Diehl.

Mona Budnick Project Lead FCAS, Diehl Defence Überlingen

Today, more than ever, we all want to live in peace and freedom. All over the world, soldiers give their all to protect people and facilities, repel attacks and provide humanitarian aid. We at Diehl Defence give our all to ensure that armed forces are optimally equipped on their dangerous missions. Because this is crucial for survival and success during deployment. To achieve this, we rely on cutting-edge technology and often push the limits of what is feasible. So that people everywhere in the world can keep on living in safety in the future.

Mona Budnick Mona Budnick
Mona Budnick Mona Budnick

Especially in this day and age, it is evident how important it is to maintain the technological lead in order to provide the best possible equipment for soldiers all over the world.

Before I joined Diehl Defence in September 2021, I was in the Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces) for 15 years. As a weapons systems officer, I flew the Tornado fighter jet and later also the C-160 Transall transport aircraft. At the same time, I studied business administration and added a degree in industrial engineering. Today I am a project manager for FCAS (Future Combat Air Systems), currently the largest European defence project. The job advertisement at Diehl Defence was a perfect match for my CV.

Due to my operational background, i.e. flying, I can contribute a lot of personal experience. I speak the language of the pilots and work closely with our R&D department, so I am a kind of interface between the purely technical and the military part. FCAS is definitely a project for the future, varied and incredibly exciting – but there are many more exciting projects and jobs with us.

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What we are good at besides cutting edge technology: listening.

We at Diehl Defence have a mission: to provide the necessary equipment at the right time and at the agreed costs. For all our approximately 3,000 employees, it is a daily challenge to consistently align our products with the needs of modern armed forces in the field. To achieve this, we rely on two things. On state-of-the-art technology at the edge of what is technically feasible. And on our ears. Because in order to constantly improve, we listen very carefully to the experience reports of the troops.

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Diehl Defence: The most important company key facts at a glance.

Our partners: German Armed Forces and international armed forces.

With the development and production of guided missiles and ammunition for the army, air force and navy, we are among the technology leaders on the world market. In addition, there are modern system solutions for ground-based air defence such as the IRIS-T SLM, one of the most modern air defence systems in the world. Innovative solutions in the areas of reconnaissance, surveillance, training and protection complete the product range. A broad high-tech portfolio that has made us at Diehl Defence an important partner of the German Armed Forces and international armed forces for decades.

We are a Group of companies. But also still a family-run business.

Our technological leadership derives from the fact that we continuously invest extensively in research and development. However, the major part thereof is due to the commitment of our highly qualified and motivated employees. In our technology group, that is also a family business, they can find particularly good working conditions. For us, it is the individual that counts. We demand a lot, but we also encourage and offer a lot of freedom for personal development and contribution. For example, we have understood the importance of flexibility in the working conditions and equip our colleagues perfectly for working in the mobile office. All this makes Diehl Defence the first choice for anyone who wants to make a difference in a technical environment.

I didn't have ten job interviews - I had two here at Diehl Defence and was convinced right away.

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Especially for people with a technical background, Diehl Defence is a great environment.

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