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Diehl Group: From Art Foundry to Global Player

Diehl Stiftung & Co. KG is a worldwide operating industrial group with a long tradition reaching back to the year 1902. In our five Corporate Divisions we employ more than 17,000 people at about 60 locations all over the world – and we are still reaching for more. Our continuous success is based on our experience as well as on our broad product range in a variety of business fields in different industrial sectors.

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What We Stand For

The Diehl Group represents high quality and technological leadership. Our research and development measures are market-oriented and our processes are continuously improved. Thus, we can offer our customers products and services which have been specifically designed to meet their individual requirements.

Our partners appreciate us for our product portfolio and for our sustained cooperation based on true partnership – a set of principles we live by and cultivate not only with our customers, but with our employees as well. As a globally active family business, our staff is culturally diverse and rooted deeply inside the company. Diehl offers its people jobs with security and continuity, allowing each one to develop professionally with a reliable partner at their side. 

Our History

At the beginning of the 20th century Margret and Heinrich Diehl probably never imagined their small German enterprise would one day be operating worldwide, reaching from Mexico to China. The small family-run foundry started business in Nuremberg in 1902, manufacturing fittings and castings for tombstones and other purposes – and quickly grew to a prospering industrial company. The couple’s son, Karl Diehl, significantly promoted the expansion of the business to a technology-driven enterprise with Business Units all over the world.

Today, Diehl is a family-owned company group with five Corporate Divisions, generating a turnover of about € 3 billion worldwide.

Your New Employer in Facts and Figures

    • It does not take longer than three hours to create a short summary of the monthly group reporting for the top management.
    • About 40 talents from seven countries take part in our potential groups A and B every year.
    • 25 percent of our expatriates are deployed in China.
    • About 300 open positions are advertised company-wide at the moment.
    • "A company can only be lead with optimism”: Karl Diehl’s philosophy is still valid today.
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