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Diehl Defence: High Tech for High Potentials

Diehl Defence has been a competent partner of national and international armed forces for more than 50 years. More than 2.400 employees work at the Corporate Division, ensuring armed forces’ optimal protection and equipment, based on continuous research, development and cutting-edge products and services.

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Various conflicts and threats in numerous regions of today´s world pose new challenges for armed forces. As a leading specialist in the defence sector, Diehl Defence tailors the development of high-performance products and services to armed forces´ new mission requirements. Field reports help us improve continuously. Our mission: Supply necessary equipment on t 

Our Technologies and Products

The product spectrum of Diehl Defence includes guided missiles, medium- and large-caliber ammunition for armies, air forces and navies as well as surveillance, protection and training systems for military applications. Moreover, the portfolio covers the development and manufacture of key technological components such as infrared modules, fuses and special batteries.The division´s continued commitment to research & development as well as the high motivation of its employees provide the basis for the longstanding success of Diehl Defence. 

Your New Employer in Facts and Figures

    • Our precision mechanical manufacture can drill a hole into a single human hair.
    • Diehl guided missiles are trusted as standard armament in modern combat aircraft by air police pilots worldwide.
    • Guided ammunition that is able to hit its target 100km away to within one meter can be developed with your help.
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