Diehl Aviation

At Diehl: The Future Is In Your Hands!

It`s my job to steer aviation excellence

Sandra Rocholl, Head of Quality Management, is responsible for the production of aircraft light and control systems at Diehl Aviation in Germany.

At Diehl: The Future Is In Your Hands!

It's my job to make sure you can see auroras in the cabin.

Emil Pitschujew, Project Manager, develops with his team the aircraft cabin systems of tomorrow at Diehl Aviation in Germany.

At Diehl: The Future Is In Your Hands!

It‘s my job to steer complex solutions for smooth on-time delivery.

Gergö Mezei, Head of Logistics, is responsible for logistics processes at Diehl Aviation in Hungary.

Diehl Aviation: Flying on Top

Diehl Aviation is among the leading partners of the major international aircraft manufacturers who rely on us in the areas of avionics and cabin integration as well as water and air management. 6.000 employees at our Business Units make it possible to combine cutting-edge technology, tailor-made design for the customer and the maximum of service and security for passengers and board crew.

What We Stand For

As enthusiastic aviation experts and a first-tier supplier for avionics and cabin integration, we are an important partner for the international aviation industry. Some of the customers we work for include major aircraft manufacturers such as Airbus, Boeing, Eurocopter, and Embraer, as well as manufacturers of military programs such as the Tornado, Eurofighter, and A400M. We provide aircraft manufacturers as well as airlines with the latest cabin concepts that satisfy a variety of requirements such as highest safety standards, short assembly time, customer-specific design and high ecological standards.

Moreover, due to its customer service facilities, Diehl Aviation offers a wide range of services regarding the maintenance and overhaul of products by Diehl Aerospace, Diehl Aircabin and Diehl Comfort Modules. In addition to that, there are so-called "retrofit" solutions on offer for aircraft already in service. These include both construction kits for the renewal of cabin interiors and the upgrade of avionics equipment onboard the aircraft. 

Our Technologies and Products

The portfolio of Diehl Aviation not only includes avionics and cabin equipment but also galleys, lavatories and monuments, sanitary solutions for aircraft, fire prevention, water supply, and air-conditioning as well as a comprehensive retrofit solutions. Thanks to global customer service, Diehl Aviation products are in the best of hands for the entire life cycle of the aircraft.

  • Your New Employer in Facts and Figures

    Your New Employer in Facts and FiguresYour New Employer in Facts and Figures
    • 11 apprenticeships and 10 dual courses of study are offered by Diehl Aviation, with 130 apprentices and dual students on board at the end of 2019.
    • A partnership for the long term: 24 employees will celebrate their 40th anniversary with the company in 2020, 30 their 25th anniversary.
    • Around 1060 people take part in our internal training programs every year - the Diehl Aviation Academy and the Diehl Colleagues' Academy.
    • About 60 employees in 2019 were part of our internal development programs.