Corporate Functions & Services

At Diehl: The Future Is In Your Hands!

It`s our job to enable good networking among all colleagues.

Johanna Kirsch (Vice President Corporate Human Resources) and Christian Bach (CEO Diehl Informatik GmbH).

At Diehl: The Future Is In Your Hands!

We ensure that everything runs smoothly at the site.

Petra Sledge (General Services) and Daniel Pöllmann (Sourcing Manager Group IT).

At Diehl: The Future Is In Your Hands!

It`s our job to see to the numbers - and to make sure that it`s people that count.

Laura Hautmann (Head of Corporate Talent Acquisition) and Thomas Hafner (Deputy Head of Group Treasury)

At Diehl: The Future Is In Your Hands!

It`s our job to enable good networking among all colleagues.

Constanze Hofmann (Communications) and Alexander Skusa (Consultant HCM).

The Foundation of Our Success

Our five Corporate Divisions run businesses in many regions all over the globe, covering a wide range of diverse technologies and industries. It is a particular strength of Diehl that its individual Business Units do not work detached from the rest of the group, but support each other and profit from synergy potentials wherever possible. This great advantage is the result of the support from our Corporate Functions and Services.

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How Diehl Works

All processes and issues concerning the group as a whole are steered by Diehl Stiftung, located at our Nuremberg headquarters. The headquarters management is divided into three main sections: Technology, Finance, and Human Resources/Social Affairs. Each of these sections, in turn, comprises about a dozen special departments which vary in size from only a handful of people to a company-owned IT Shared Service Center with about 90 employees.  Some of the most important Corporate Functions and Services are briefly introduced here. Please note, however, that this overview can only give you a first idea of the many opportunities which Diehl Stiftung offers as an employer. 

Section Technology: Protecting and Sharing Innovations

Keeping an edge in technology is what drives our Corporate Divisions and what defines Diehl as a group. This is why we go togreat lengths to bring together and manage all our technological inventions and innovations for the benefit of the whole group. 

  • An important responsibility of our patent department is to develop and protect property rights and licensing regulations for our portfolio, and to file product patent applications.
  • Corporate Technology manages technological networks within our Corporate Divisions, thereby creating impulses for innovation across the group and enhancing effectiveness and efficiency.

Public Relations Department

Our public relations department enables gourp-wide communications. 

Section Finance: Making Sure the Numbers Are Right

The Finance section is the economic heart of the Diehl Group. Apart from financial core functions, such as accounting, taxes and purchasing, IT also is part of this section.

  • To make sure that we prevail and grow in a competitive economic environment, the financial status and developments of the group and of all our Corporate Divisions are constantly evaluated and aligned here.
  • Due to Diehl’s diverse and international structure, our colleagues in the tax department deal with very complex tax issues on a daily basis.
  • Diehl Informatik GmbH is a company-owned, IT Shared Service Center with roughly 90 employees, overseeing and strategically coordinating the IT departments of the Corporate Divisions. Diehl Informatik itself is an important employer within the group, constantly looking to improve its technical expertise and manpower.
  • As a family-owned, continuously growing enterprise, mergers and acquisitions play an important role in the company history. In times of globalized economies it is necessary to deal with strategic issues such as company acquisitions and participations in a dedicated department.

Section Human Resources: Keeping Up the Diehl Spirit

Despite being a global player, it is most important for us to uphold a working atmosphere based on trust and on the traditional values of a family-owned enterprise. This becomes especially palpable in our Corporate Human Resources section.

  • Corporate Human Resources is responsible for group-wide, central issues of employment law, data privacy, employer communications, and management development & training. Here, our colleagues find a committed and always approachable contact for all their concerns – for employees working in production or administration as well as for those with managerial responsibility.
  • Industrial safety plays a crucial role for our organization. Since our divisions are engaged in highly sensitive sectors such as defence and aviation, a professional and comprehensive security concept for all of our Business Units is the key prerequisite for our daily work. This is why we also offer apprenticeships in this area on a regular basis.
  • A large and complex enterprise such as ours could not function without professional caretaking services and property management. As a family-owned company, we are proud that the majority of the service providers we rely on at our Company Headquarters are part of the Diehl Family.
  • Your New Employer in Facts and Figures

    Your New Employer in Facts and Figures Your New Employer in Facts and Figures
    •  If you store our virtual data in good old 3.5'' floppy discs they would pile up to form a tower of 350km in height.
    • About 4000 Speculative Applications are managed by Corporate HR every year – and that’s only for Diehl Germany. 
    • More than 400 customer questions are solved by our IT Service Desk on any given day.
    • Up to 10 business graduates start their career in the international trainee program with Diehl every year.