32nd Caribbean Water & Wastewater Conference

Empowering the Caribbean: Meeting Water Challenges for a Sustainable Future

In a significant move towards addressing the pressing water challenges in the Caribbean, Georgetown, Guyana, is set to host the 32nd Annual Conference and Exhibition of the Caribbean Water and Wastewater Association (CWWA) from October 23 to 27, 2023.

The Caribbean Water and Wastewater Association (CWWA) is a regional non-governmental organization comprised of water, wastewater, and solid waste professionals from both the public and private sectors. This annual event has garnered considerable attention and active participation over the years, with Georgetown serving as the host city for the 32nd edition, reaffirming the commitment to empowering Caribbean nations with sustainable water management solutions.

The Caribbean region faces a unique set of water-related challenges. Rising sea levels and escalating temperatures are exerting unprecedented pressure on freshwater resources, making them more susceptible to salinity. Additionally, more frequent and intense droughts are threatening the stability of water supplies, while violent storms pose a constant risk to water and sanitation infrastructure. According to UNESCO, the demand for water in the Caribbean is projected to increase by 18% by 2025, while water availability is anticipated to decrease by 7%.

These challenges necessitate a comprehensive, sustainable approach to water management. It is here that the CWWA and its partners step in, offering innovative solutions that address these challenges head-on. They provide accurate and reliable water measurement technologies that enable effective monitoring of water resources. These technologies also offer solutions to significantly reduce unbilled water, which is crucial for managing water resources efficiently.

Our commitment to the CWWA is already yielding tangible results. A prime example is Jamaica, where these solutions have helped sustainably improve water supply. Through the implementation of a fixed network, powered by technology from Diehl Metering, Jamaica has taken significant strides towards overcoming water scarcity and wastage.

This Conference and Exhibition in Georgetown is a major moment in the Caribbean's water management journey. It provides a platform for the exchange of knowledge, innovations, and best practices in the field of water and wastewater management. The event will feature key discussions on sustainable water resource management, technological advancements, and strategies to address the region's unique challenges. Furthermore, it will emphasize the importance of public and private sector collaboration in driving change.

The importance of this conference cannot be overstated, as it comes at a critical juncture when the Caribbean nations must unite to secure their water future. With the expertise, solutions, and dedication showcased at the conference, the Caribbean region is poised to navigate the challenges posed by water scarcity and climate change. Together, they are working towards a more sustainable and secure water future that will benefit all residents, as well as the environment.

Join us in Georgetown from October 23 to 27, 2023, to be part of this vital discussion and action.

Discover how our solutions have helped Jamaica to sustainably improve water supply in the Caribbean: Jamaica – Fixed Network | Diehl Metering