IMS and Certificates

IMS and Certificates IMS and Certificates

It takes the joint power of employees and leaders to successfully implement our strategy and bring it to life. As we encourage our employees to make their own decisions, our leaders' role transitions to helping them unfold their potential.

Dr. Christof Bosbach, CEO of Diehl Metering

Our Integrated Management System (IMS)

We make our vision and mission tangible by complying with worldwide standard in the fields of metrology, quality, health, safety, security, information security, environmental protection and prevention of pollution.

Above all, Division Board and process owners ensure that all staff:

  • Apply the provisions of the IMS manual and associated documentation
  • Respect best professional practices to maintain the quality of their work
  • Ensure the conformity to type of manufactured and installed products (legal metrology, ATEX, drinking water contact…)
  • Prohibit any modification of a regulatory or metrological nature
  • Ensure integrity and loyalty in all activities (impartiality, rejection of bribery, free competition, transparency in relationships and protection of intellectual property)
  • Reduce environmental impacts from products and activities
  • Increase health & safety by improving work conditions
  • Ensure that our lobbying activities do not undermine progress

We also strive for excellence in legal metrology through the ISO 17025 accreditation of our calibration laboratory. Roads to excellence never ends.

IMS Policy


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