IZAR BASE EXTERNAL PULSE is an adapter for pulse interfaces of meters. The adapter offers the possibility to connect different IZAR compact radio modules with inductive sampling. The combination of the two products composes an external radio module with pulse interface.
The radio readout is used for automated processing of the meter data, in particular in the case of hard-to-reach meters.

  • Easy installation without configuration
  • For all types of interfaces
  • Compatible with all the Diehl Metering radio modules
  • Functions as remote module 868, 434 MHz, R4, G4...
  • IP68
  • Lifetime up to 15 years
  • Ensure all the functions of the radio module
  • Principle of operation

    The adapter unit IZAR BASE EXTERNAL PULSE consists of an electronics unit, which collects meter information in the form of pulses and passes it on to an attached radio module. The radio module transmits the meter number, meter reading and various operating information every 8-12 seconds. The recording of the data can be carried out by a mobile or stationary receiving device.

    The mobile reading:
    The IZAR@MOBILE 2 TABLET collects the data in conjunction with the IZAR RECEIVER BT in walk-by or drive-by mode. After a so-called read-out tour, the data are transferred directly to a central computer. The data is then processed and displayed by management software (e.g. IZAR@NET 2).

    Fixed Network Reading:
    A permanently installed receiver (e.g. IZAR RDC) collects and stores the data and transmits it regularly to an FTP server. The data is then processed and displayed by management software (e.g. IZAR@NET 2).

  • Technical data
    Power supplyLithium battery 3.6 V
    Battery lifetimeUp to 15 years1
    Data updateIn real time
    Input frequencyHzMaximum 8
    Minimum pulse durationms30
    Max. resistance of the closed contactOhm150
    Parallel capacity, closed contactnF22
    The open contact resistanceMOhm10
    AlarmsIdentical to the clipped on IZAR RC I radio module + cable cut
    1 for standard conditions of use and temperatures. Theoretical lifetime, not guaranteed.

    Note: Protocol, frequency, radio range, transmission intervals and functions depend on the type of radio module installed.
  • Ambient conditions
    Operating temperature°C-15 ... +55
    Storage temperature°C-20 ... +70
    Humidity%0 ... 100
    Protection classIP68
  • Application
  • Dimensions