AQUILA V4 is a bulk water meter designed for network metering and invoicing of substantial quantities of cold water. It is characterised by its very high measuring dynamic, its insensitivity to disturbances and easy maintenance.
Developed within the framework of the MID, AQUILA V4 complies with the European regulations and holds sanitary conformity certificates.
Modular, AQUILA V4 can be fitted at any time with an IZAR clip-on module converting it into a communicating meter ready for mobile or fixed (radio/wired) network reading.


  • DN 50 / 65 / 80 / 100
  • Q3 = 25 m³/h (DN 50) / Q3 = 40 m³/h (DN 65) / Q3 = 63 m³/h (DN 80) / Q3 = 100 m³/h (DN 100)
  • Starting flow rate from 18 l/h
  • MID approval up to R = 630 (DN 80 and 100)
  • Modular rotating flanges with pipe gaskets
  • High dynamic range
  • Technical data
    Nominal diameterDNmm506580100
    Permanent flow rateQ3m³/h254063100
    R standard *R315315315315
    Starting flow ratel/h18283138
    Minimum flow rateQ1l/h80127200317
    Transitional flow rateQ2l/h127203320508
    Overload flow rateQ4m³/h31.255078.75125
    Head loss at Q3bar0.4820.5920.5130.574
    Head loss at Q4bar0.6400.9250.8010.897
    Kvs (deltaP=Q²/Kvs²)365288132
    * Other value on request.
  • Approval
    MID approvalLNE - 10913 | C1 type
    StandardsISO 4064 | EN 14154 | OIML R49
    Sanitary conformityACS - WRAS

    Information pursuant to Article 33 (1) of Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 December 2006:
    This product series contains articles with the following substances in a concentration of more than 0.1% weight by weight (w/w):
    - Lead (CAS no: 7439-92-1)

  • Temperature and pressure
    Water temperature°C0.1 ... +50
    Ambient operating temperature°C0 ... +50
    Storage temperature°C-10 ... +55
    Nominal pressurePNbar16
  • Dimensions
    Nominal diameterDNmm506580100
    Flange diametermm165185200220
    Standard flange : flat raised face flange
  • Precision curve
  • Options

    - Flange filter
    - Under-calibrated flanges
    - Plastic register

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