IZAR RADIO EXTERN AIR measures temperature and humidity and sends information via radio, using the OMS protocol. With its modern and inconspicuous design, it is especially developed for in-house application. The hybrid and flexible sending scheme ensures operating reading in mobile (walk-by) and/or fixed network (wireless or wired) mode.


  • Easy installation
  • Modern and inconspicuous design
  • Fast set-up without software
  • Suitable for mobile reading (Walk-by) and fixed network
  • Battery powered with a lifetime of up to 10 years
  • Wide temperature range for in-house application
  • Accurate data
  • Operating principle

    IZAR RADIO EXTERN AIR is an electronic unit which measures humidity and temperature. The data is sent within an adjustable sending interval to a mobile or fixed network receiver. The telegram is according to OMS specification.

    Mobile reading in walk-by:
    The data sent by IZAR RE AIR is collected using either a handheld computer or a tablet equipped with an IZAR RECEIVER BT. Data is then directly transferred to a centralized monitoring system.

    Fixed network:
    A fixed receiver IZAR RDC STANDARD, IZAR RDC BATTERY or IZAR RDC PREMIUM collects and saves the data and transmits it cyclically to a central FTP server. Data visualization can be done using IZAR@NET software or IZAR PLUS PORTAL.

  • Technical Data
    Communication protocolOMS 3.0.1; Encryption Mode 5 with AES128bit Encryption
    Frequency868.95 MHz
    Transmission power10 mW
    Transmission modeT-Mode and S-Mode
    Radio rangeUp to 600m depending on installation conditions
    Programming interfaceDIP-switches
    StandardsEN 60950 Information technology equipment
    Power supply2 x AA replaceable batteries included
    Battery lifetimeUp to 6 years (1min sending interval) / Up to 10 years (15min sending interval) *
    Sending interval1min, 5min, 10min or 15min
    AccuracyTypically ±2% in the range of 20-80%; Typically ±0.3°C in the range of -10°C up to 55°C
    * The lifetime depends significantly on the performances of the battery and is not guaranteed.
  • Ambient Conditions
    Operating temperature°C-10 ... +55
    Ambient humidity%20 ... 80 (non-condensing)
  • Dimensions