IZAR BASE EXTERNAL PULSE is an adapter for pulse interfaces of meters. The adapter offers the possibility to connect different IZAR compact radio modules with inductive sampling. The combination of the two products composes an external radio module with pulse interface.
The radio readout is used for automated processing of the meter data, in particular in the case of hard-to-reach meters.


  • Easy installation without configuration when the module is already paired
  • Compatible with all the Diehl Metering radio modules with inductive technology
  • Functions as remote module when associated to a 868 MHz, 434 MHz, R4, G4 module...
  • IP68
  • Lifetime up to 15 years
  • Ensures all the functions of the associated radio module
  • Operating principle

    IZAR BE PULSE collects information coming from a pulse emitter or a meter equipped with a pulse output and transmits information to the associated radio module.

    Mobile reading in Walk-by / Drive-by / Passive Drive-by:
    The data sent by IZAR BE PULSE + radio module is collected using either a handheld computer or tablet equipped with an IZAR RECEIVER BT for Walk-by/Drive-by or an IZAR RDC VEHICLE for passive Drive-by. Data is then transferred directly to a centralized monitoring system.

    Fixed network:
    A fixed receiver IZAR RDC STANDARD/IZAR RDC BATTERY (fixed network R3) or IZAR RDC PREMIUM (long-range fixed network R4 when associated to IZAR RC i R4 or G4) installed in buildings will collect the data and send it at predefined intervals, via GPRS or LAN, to a centralized server. Reading through M-Bus application with an IZAR CENTER associated to an IZAR RECEIVER M-BUS and IZAR@NET 2 software, is possible as well.

  • Technical data
    Data updateIn real time
    Input frequency (pulses)8 Hz maximum
    Pulse duration30 ms minimum
    Resistance - closed contact150 Ohms maximum
    Parallel capacity - closed contact22 nF maximum
    Resistance - open contact10 MOhms maximum
    AlarmsIdentical to the clipped on IZAR RC I radio module + cable cut
    Standards2014/30/UE directive | EMC
    Power supplyLithium battery 3.6 V
    Battery lifetimeUp to 15 years1
    1 for standard conditions of use and temperatures. Theoretical lifetime, not guaranteed.

    Note: Protocol, frequency, radio range, transmission intervals and functions depend on the type of radio module installed.
  • Operating conditions
    Ambient operating temperature°C-15 ... +55
    Storage temperature°C-20 ... +70
    Ambient humidity%0 ... 100
    Ingress ProtectionIP68
  • Application example

  • Dimensions
    Cable lengthmbetween 2.95 and 3m (due to manufacturing tolerance)

    IZAR BE PULSE is also available as a factory-assembled kit with an IZAR PULSE i. The cable length can then vary between 4.95 and 5 meters due to the manufacturing tolerance. The kit is IP68 and can be submerged.

    For more technical details about the IZAR PULSE i pulse emitter, refer to the IZAR PULSE i datasheet.

  • Sustainability:

    We at Diehl Metering feel responsible for our products until their end of life. You will find the End-of-Life Card on the Customer Portal in accordance with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE).

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