Strategic Purchasing

Strategic Purchasing Strategic Purchasing

Supplier relationship management

In a globalised economy where it is crucial for our businesses to remain competitive, purchasing is serving the overall Diehl Metering strategy and constitutes a key factor of performance and success. Our purchasing structure supports the entities of the Metering Group as closely as possible to their production activities and with the aim of ensuring our customers’ satisfaction.

  • Purchase vision and purpose

    Purchase vision and purpose Purchase vision and purpose

    Within the Metering group, the objectives for purchasing focus on 4 major areas:  

    • Develop the skills of our teams using a cross-service approach to operations, a technical understanding of our internal needs and the expertise of our suppliers and service providers.
    • Cultivate and maintain sustainable performances with our suppliers, to support our development by managing risks and opportunities.
    • Promote innovation to bring added value and a competitive edge.
    • Rely on mastered processes common to the different group entities to strengthen the digitalisation of our businesses.
  • Purchase organisation

    Purchase organisation Purchase organisation

    The way we coordinate purchasing is both global and local.

    • As a global organisation, it relies on strong corporate governance and global strategies set by purchasing categories. With the support of our quality and technical departments, our strategic buyers oversee one or several purchasing category and manage the relationship with the suppliers.
    • As a local organisation, it operates within our legal entities to optimize the cohesion and the sustainable success of these different units in their environment.
  • Relationship principles and partenership

    Relationship principles and partenership Relationship principles and partenership

    To ensure a sustainable and efficient development of our activities, we identify, certify, and develop our suppliers. We select them for their reliability, competitiveness and innovation skills. The unbiased criteria guiding our choices and evaluations in our cooperation and purchasing projects are the following:

    • A secure supply that meets quality standards, agreed delivery times and contractual quantities. 
    • A preference for long term supplier relationships and partnerships that are mutually beneficial to ensuring sustainable competitiveness.
    • The introduction of innovative ideas and optimisation potentials on both a financial and technological levels.
    • As part of our social responsibility, the support for local economies and regional development.
    • The use of a clear communication, reflected in unbiased and honest behaviour, in compliance with fair commercial practices.
  • How to become a supplier

    How to become a supplier How to become a supplier

    Diehl Metering is working with many suppliers of goods, products and services from around the world.
    Our supplier selection process is thorough and transparent, as it takes many requirements into account (economical, ethical, technical, social, environmental, etc.). Additionally, our buyers carry out activity reviews and sometimes on-site visits.

    For more information or questions, please contact us at:

    Terms and conditions

Our main production categories are the following:


    ELECTRONICS: diodes, LEDs, transistors, Logic LDO’s MCU’s, optoelectronic devices, batteries, resistors, coils, capacitors, connectors, PCB’s, cables, displays, sensor units, wire, complex IC’s like microcontrollers & voltage regulators.


    METAL: casting, forging, copper cap, painted aluminium cap.


    PLASTICS: granules, injection moulded plastic parts.


    TRADING GOODS: e.g. Bluetooth Receiver, backflow preventer, multifunctional calculator for thermal and cooling energy, tablet, fittings, modules, Electromagnetic Flowmeters, multi-jet water meters.


    MAGNETS: sintered magnets: hard ferrite, rare earth, magnet holder: injection-moulded sintered magnets.


    GASKETS & O-RINGS: O-rings seals, gaskets, flat seals NBR, EPDM.


    GLASS: toughened glass (simple glass modified by heat or chemical treatment to be reinforced) crimped with the copper cap.


    BAR TURNING: axle, sapphire and carbide tablet, heat and surface treatment (K33 or S3P).

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