WESAN WS G is a bulk water meter designed for measuring volumes of cold water (up to 50°C) in supply lines with high flow at low pressure loss. Modular, WESAN WS G DN50 to 150 can be fitted at any time with an IZAR clip-on module converting it into a communicating meter ready for mobile or fixed network (radio/wired) reading.
The measuring chamber can be replaced without removing the meter from the pipe.


  • DN50/65/80/100/150
  • Q3=25m3/h (DN50) / Q3=40m3/h (DN65) / Q3=63m3/h (DN80) / Q3=100m3/h (DN100) / Q3=250m3/h (DN150)
  • MID approval up to R=40
  • For horizontal installation
  • Calibratable and exchangeable measuring insert
  • Sealed measuring insert for better accuracy
  • Encapsulated and rotating glass/copper register, IP 68
  • Hydraulic bearing relief
  • Protection against magnetic fraud
  • General
    Medium temperature range°C+1 ... +30
    Temperature safety°C+1 ... +50
    Ambient operating temperature°C+1 ... +55
    Ambient storage temperature°C+1 ... +55
    Nominal pressurePNbar161
    Protection classIP 68
    1 see also special versions
  • Technical data
    Nominal diameterDNmm506580100150
    Permanent flow rateQ3m3/h254063100250
    Minimum flow rateQ1m3/h0.6311.582.56.25
    Transitional flow rateQ2m3/h11.62.52410
    Overload flow rateQ4m3/h31.255078.75125312.5
    Starting flow ratel/h60609090150
    Flow rate at 0.1 bar pressure lossm3/h21225560143
    Pressure loss at Q3bar0.140.340.130.280.31
  • Approval
    Nominal diameterDNmm506580100150
    MID (A 0445/3505/2011)
    Dynamic range (Q3/Q1)R40•H40•H40•H40•H40•H
    Sanitary conformityAoC DEUAoC DEUAoC DEUAoC DEUAoC DEU
  • Display range
    Nominal diameterDNmm506580100150
    0.5 l ... 999,999 m³
    5.0 l ... 9,999,999 m³
  • Dimensions
    Nominal diameterDNmm506580100150
    Overall length (DIN 19625)Lmm270300300360430 / 500
    Overall length (DIN ISO 4064)Lmm300300350350500
    Flange diameterDmm165185200220285
    Hole circle diameterKmm125145160180240
    Number of screwholespcs444 / 888
    Screwhole diameterD1mm1818181823
    Height to remove measuring insertmm240240330340620
    DiameterØ Bmm110110110110110
    Meter widthmm173173239239310
  • Special versions

    On request:
    - Versions with different nominal pressure
    - Flange for ANSI and BS
    - Special pulse values
    - Special overall lengths

  • Presure loss graph / Typical error graph