Diehl’s IZAR@SMART WATER application provides a 360° view of your water network, allowing for optimizations and enhancements that can take your Non-Revenue Water strategy to the next level.


IZAR@SMART WATER – Water Loss Management Application

Imagine you had a 360° view of your water network and knew instantly how to optimize its performance. The IZAR@SMART WATER – Water Loss Management application makes this a reality, supporting sustainable water management practices.

Want to know how to reduce Non-Revenue Water? This tool will be the centerpiece of your Non-Revenue Water (NRW) strategy.

Benefit from data-driven analytics and insights to evaluate, detect, monitor and reduce water loss. Drive your network performance, preserve water and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Three workers analyzing information provided by the IZAR@SMART WATER - Water Loss Management Application
Diehl Metering‘s Water Loss Management makes the invisible visible

IZAR@SMART WATER – Water Loss Management (WLM) is a web-based software application for transparent Non-Revenue Water (NRW) monitoring. The data-driven solution uses a collection of metrics directly imported from meter data management systems, SCADA and billing systems to create an integrated view of your water network.

Sources of Non-Revenue Water vary. But with IZAR@SMART Water – Water Loss Management Application, you will be able to create a digital representation of the sectors or District Metered Areas (DMAs) in your network and get a coherent overview. The system’s DMA map provides visibility of the network in real-time and indicates any problems at a glance. Thus, leaks are detected immediately, water losses and water contamination are lessened and supply service is improved, allowing you to benefit from Non-Revenue Water reduction.

Thanks to the data collected over time, you can prioritize maintenance tasks according to your workforce allocation – you know exactly in which DMA repair is required. And thanks to data-driven insights, the WLM app enables you to make better-informed decisions and to rapidly achieve your NRW targets, allowing you to reach an enhanced level of Non-Revenue Water management.

In addition, the WLM app will also make the creation of an optimal water balance easier and faster by providing access to key performance indicators for non-revenue water. This will save you a lot of manual work and time, and your staff can focus on network optimization tasks, quickly making the app one of your most valuable water management resources.

360° view of your water network

Make the invisible visible: monitor your network, detect leaks in real-time, reduce water losses and enhance your water loss management program.

Automatic network performance reporting

Save time and money through automated water loss reports and embrace smart water management.

Data-driven analytics

Benefit from an optimal water balance and increased efficiency across your whole network.

WLM features overview

Early water loss detection, reduction of Non-Revenue water (NRW), easy maintenance planning, quick and flexible reporting – all made possible by this one app: IZAR@SMART WATER – Water Loss Management (WLM).

System requirements

Min. 2 Mbit internet connection
Min. screen resolution 1024 x 768 pixels
Web browsers currently supported (for Windows, Mac and Linux): Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge

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