IZAR@MOBILE 2 for Android™



IZAR@MOBILE 2 is a software designed for fast and efficient mobile reading of system components and multi-energy smart meters. Its ergonomic and tactile interface makes it intuitive and user-friendly. Its map view of the meters allows precise guidance during the reading of the tour.
To take full advantage of all the software's features, Diehl Metering officially supports the following Android devices smartphone CAT S61 and Samsung XCover Pro as well as Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3. It can also works with other Android-based devices.
Connected to the IZAR PLUS PORTAL or IZAR@NET 2 management software, IZAR@MOBILE 2 offers many enhanced features such as multi-tours planning & management and remote or local data transfer.
With its XLSX interface to import or export data, it operates completely independently as well.
IZAR@MOBILE 2 software easily adapts to your needs.


  • Mobile walk-by or drive-by reading of all types of meters (water, heat, cold, gas and electricity) and heat cost allocators
  • Reduced reading costs
  • Accurate electonical transmitted values
  • No customer claims
  • No appointments necessary
  • Map display of meters location
  • On-site configuration of meters and system components
  • System Requirements

    General requirements:
    • Android version: 9 or higher version of Android

    Hardware requirements:
    • Display 1024x768 pixels minimum
    • Android version: quad-core processor 1 GHz minimum / 4 GB RAM minimum
    • 10 GB free disk space
    • Integrated GPS for full map support
    • Bluetooth® interface for communication with IZAR BT OH, IZAR BT RECEIVER, IZAR RDC MOTION or IZAR STELLA MOTION
    • GPS/LTE, LAN, WLAN interface for IZAR@NET 2 connection
    • USB, LAN, RS232 or modem to communicate with IZAR CENTER M-Bus master

  • General Features

    • Interactive map for meter location to simplify tour reading
    • Dashboard for quick access to tours and configuration
    • XLSX import and export of up to 200 meters/tour (expandable to 2,000 meters with XLSX 2000 module)
    • Meter replacement management together with IZAR PLUS PORTAL / IZAR@NET 2
    • Configuration of meters, modules and system devices incl. function to create, save and apply profiles

  • Available Modules
    IZAR@MOBILE 2 - Mobile ReadingXLSX export and import of a tour with up to 200 meters for mobile reading, incl. SET Expert module
    IZAR@MOBILE 2 - XLSX 2000Expands the XLSX export and import of a tour up to 2,000 meters
    IZAR@MOBILE 2 - SET ExpertConfiguration of meters and system devices via IZAR BT OH or M-Bus master IZAR CENTER
  • Application Screenshots - 8 and 5 inch devices

    Please note that the 8 inch version is usable only in landscape mode and the 5 inch version only in portrait mode.