IZAR RDC VEHICLE Light is a concentrator specifically designed for passive drive-by meter reading solutions.
IZAR RDC VEHICLE Light fits any type of vehicles (utility vehicle or other…) and reads autonomously, without driver intervention, every communicating multi-energy meter (water, thermal energy, gas, electricity…) equipped with the IZAR radio technology.
Connected to the vehicle power supply, IZAR RDC VEHICLE Light collects automatically the data and transfers them, via a mobile network, to a data storage server.
The data are then directly processed using the Diehl Metering IZAR@NET 2 or IZAR PLUS PORTAL management software.


  • Available in 868 or 434 MHz
  • Automatic meters reading
  • Full autonomous
  • Data transmission to FTP or SFTP server
  • Automatic data export via 2G/3G
  • Remote or local configuration
  • Operating principle

    IZAR RDC VEHICLE Light receives radio frames according to the EN 13757 standard and the OMS specification (Open Metering System), regardless of the measured fluid type (water, thermal energy, gas, electricity, temperature, humidity…).
    The collected data are transferred automatically to an FTP or SFTP data storage server via the mobile network (2G/3G).
    The Diehl Metering software solutions IZAR@NET 2 or IZAR PLUS PORTAL enable the processing and exploitation of this data.

  • Technical data
    HousingLight grey with removable compartment
    FrequencyMHz868.95 (T1/C1 mode) or 434.475 (T1 mode only)
    Communication protocolsOMS | wMBus [EN 13757-3/-4] PRIOS
    Type of fluid measuredMulti-energy (water, thermal energy, gas, electricity, temperature, humidity...)
    AntennasInternal or external (SMA connectors)
    ConnectivityVia cable
    Power supplyV (DC)External connector for powering from the vehicle (12 ... 24 V DC)
    ConfigurationLocally or remotely with a dedicated software (Windows)
  • Ambient conditions
    Ambient operating temperature°C-20 ... +70
    Storage temperature°C-20 ... +70
    Ambient humidity%10 ... 90
    Protection classIP 65 - outdoors installation possible
  • Dimensions