Revolutionizing Multiconnectivity for Smart Cities with IZAR IoT GATEWAY Premium

Enter a new era of smart metering to implement your smart city project. IZAR IoT GATEWAY Premium is the first outdoor gateway on the market to offer full multiconnectivity by combining mioty®, LoRaWAN® and M-Bus OMS radio technologies in a single device, providing a unified infrastructure for smart meters and smart cities.

Revolutionizing Multiconnectivity for Smart Cities with IZAR IoT GATEWAY Premium Revolutionizing Multiconnectivity for Smart Cities with IZAR IoT GATEWAY Premium
Diehl Metering


We recognize that demand for smart city management solutions is growing rapidly, driven by increasing urbanization. It is necessary for cities and utilities to consider new and innovative ways to be able to manage and cope with this change while remaining highly consumer-focused, reducing costs and intelligently managing the supply of water and energy. Diehl Metering is committed to supporting this change by developing pioneering technologies that bring efficiency, sustainability and responsibility.

Enter multiconnectivity

Diehl Metering takes a giant step into the future with its multiconnectivity IoT solutions, enabling cities and utilities to seamlessly integrate smart city services from existing metering networks. By creating a supergrid that integrates all IoT technologies, enabling devices, platforms and software to exchange and interpret data within a unified communications network, they secure long-term expansion and maximize return on investment.

Key features and benefits oF IZAR IoT Gateway Premium

  • Unified Interoperable Infrastructure :
    The gateway streamlines infrastructure requirements, simplifying installation and maintenance.
  • Seamless Integration :
    Effortless integration into existing networks with backward compatibility for gradual and cost-effective upgrades.
  • Exceptional Radio Range :
    With a range of up to 11 km, it ensures reliable coverage of large areas, reducing investment and operating costs.
  • Scalability :
    Accommodating up to 100,000 transmitting devices, it offers scalability and a low Total Cost of Ownership.
  • Radio Robustness :
    Enhanced by innovative mioty®4OMS, ensuring reliable data transmission in crowded spectrums.
  • End-to-End Data Protection :
    Prioritizes data security, ensuring end-to-end protection when transferring information from meters to our Meter Data Management (MDM) software.
  • Energy Efficiency :
    Maintains energy efficiency despite high data frequency, offering a rewarding long-term investment for utilities.

Shaping Success with Diehl Metering

Diehl Metering's expertise and support are dedicated to helping organizations, cities and utilities establish successful IoT networks  for smart metering and smart cities. From planning to implementation and monitoring, our IoT service offerings guide utilities through the decisive stages of a project, making the most of multiconnectivity to meet current and future city needs.

Learn more about how you can implement our technologies and solutions into your smart city concept and reach out to our team.