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Introducing Diehl Metering’s IZAR@SMART WATER | Diehl Metering

Introducing Diehl Metering’s IZAR@SMART WATER | Diehl Metering Introducing Diehl Metering’s IZAR@SMART WATER | Diehl Metering
Diehl Metering

Supporting sustainable water management with IZAR@SMART WATER

Diehl Metering’s IZAR@SMART WATER is a web-based Water Loss Management (WLM) software application that supports the effective, efficient and transparent monitoring of Non-Revenue Water (NRW).

What is Non-Revenue Water? NRW is water that is lost from a water system before it reaches the end customer. This could be due to leaks or other sources of Non-Revenue Water loss.

IZAR@SMART WATER offers a data-driven solution to NRW issues, providing users with a 360° view of their water network. The solution utilizes a collection of metrics from meter data management systems, SCADA and billing systems to provide a universal overview of the system as it operates.

Users benefit from a District Metered Areas (DMA) map that affords a quick view of the water network in real time. This enables enhanced leak detection, as well as for water loss and water contamination to be quickly spotted.

The application allows for exceptional water management and maintenance prioritization, as the most pressing DMA can be repaired as soon as required. IZAR@SMART WATER therefore supports positive decision making that improves business efficiency.

What’s more, organizations can enhance their ability to create network performance reports to share with internal stakeholders and external regulators. Automated water loss reports help prevent the need to use manual reporting, which requires data collection from multiple water management resources and can be time consuming. 

IZAR@SMART WATER is the latest example of Diehl Metering’s innovative approach to sustainability, supporting organizations in optimizing their water networks to reduce waste and achieving a higher level of sustainability.

Discover full details of the application on our new IZAR@SMART WATER web page.

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