Partnership with middle and high schools

Partnership with middle and high schools Partnership with middle and high schools

Diehl Metering believes that education and culture are the foundations of socioeconomic development and that they are part of the identity of a community. This is why the company attaches great importance to actions aimed at young people. Long before the creation of partnerships with vocational schools, links with middle and high schools are strengthened through actions to raise awareness about the professional world.  


School/Business Week

Since 2010, the French Education Ministry has been carrying out a large number of actions as part of School/ Business Week. The objective is to bring the world of education closer to the world of work. 

Getting to know companies and different lines of business better 

Diehl Metering opens its doors, in France, to welcome students in the last year of middle school, during “discovery” work placements. This is an opportunity to visit the production workshops, see how the company works and is organised, and discover the jobs associated with a specific sector of activity. For each young person welcomed, the Human Resources Department seeks to organise a discovery programme adapted to whatever future path the middle-school student is considering.

Every year, the different departments of the company welcome between 5 and 10 middle school students, to present their jobs to them. The 30-some hours dedicated to each young person are well worth it, since, when leaving the company at the end of their time here, some of the young people know exactly which job they want to do later on.

Bosses Meet Up With Teachers

Preparing young people to enter the world of work

The principle is simple: a boss invites one or two teachers over for lunch. The idea is to get a constructive dialogue going, based on listening and exchange. Until 2015, a few directors from Diehl Metering have been dedicating time to this event. The goal is to challenge preconceptions between the world of education and the world of business, to understand the issues faced by teachers and corporate leaders and to compare points of view in order to help young people enter the job market. 

Industry Week

A week to present the diversity of the trades and generate young people’s interest in future careers.

Organised every year since 2011, Industry Week is a French nationwide operation that enables the public, and especially young people, to meet manufacturers. Diehl Metering participates in this initiative, which is implemented everywhere in France. 

Whole classes are welcomed to the facility, where the presentation goes from introducing the company to showing visitors the workshops and production lines in action. Depending on the needs defined with the accompanying teachers, the Human Relations Department organises themed events on eco-design, lean manufacturing, job discovery or Q&A sessions with students, to talk about topics on their minds, such as salaries, degrees, jobs, open-ended contracts or fixed-term contracts, etc.