Professional Training and Dual Course of Study

We have both tradition and future within our reach. We have both tradition and future within our reach.

I had a good feeling from the start – and it got better.

Cindy Söllner and Matthias Tischner

Start Your Future Today With Diehl

Diehl is a great choice for young people who are about to start their working lives. Whether you are technically inclined, have a good sense of numbers, or like to work with people: We open up a lot of opportunities to try, test and develop your talents and interests in a supportive, future-proof environment.

Our Options for Youngsters

What you can do to collect your first working experience at Diehl depends on your educational background and on the country you live in. Available at our German and French Business Units, e.g., are Dual Course of Study programs and Professional Training. 

The Dual Course of Study might be just the thing for you if you’re interested in studying and working at the same time. The program brings together “the best of both worlds” directly after your school career – a theoretical foundation as well as practical work experience.

Professional Training is another option for a perfect start into your job. Diehl focuses a lot on promoting Professional Training, offering young people the chance to gain both theoretical and practical knowledge in almost any position represented in the company – and thus allowing young potentials to thrive in whichever professional direction they would like to head.

Pupils Pupils

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