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It`s my job to provide reliable high technology. It`s my job to provide reliable high technology.

From the beginning, you can realize good ideas.

Martin Link, Development Engineer, is responsible for cryogenic cooling systems at Diehl Defence in Germany.

A Head Start for Young Potentials

Diehl offers ideal opportunities for graduates who want to prove their talent and ambition by taking over responsibility right from the start of their career, e.g. in our technical and commercial Trainee Program. And for those who are looking for promising prospects in the long run: Many leadership positions in our company today are filled by former trainees. 

Our Options for Graduates

If you have just finished your academic studies and want to make Diehl the starting point of your career, there are two basic options available: You can join us through Direct Entry, or you can apply for one of the Trainee Programs we offer at our German Business Units. In either case, you should already have collected some practical working experience beforehand – at Diehl or elsewhere – as an intern or student employee.

Direct Entry is the right choice for those graduates who are looking for a clearly-defined position within our group and a high level of autonomy from the very beginning of their assignment. In this case, your training will mainly be “on the job“: You are free to apply directly and to develop your knowledge and skills in our tasks and projects. Your managers and your peers will do everything to make your integration into the “Diehl Family” as smooth as possible, e.g. with individual development measures.

Graduates Graduates

Traineeships at Diehl

At Diehl, we offer two different types of Trainee Programs: commercial and technical. The commercial ones are offered as corporate programs, and the technical ones by our Corporate Divisions. Learn all about the individual procedures and requirements below. The commercial programs cover the following areas:

  • Accounting / Controlling
  • Technical Procurement
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing / Sales and Distribution

The engineering / technical programs cover the following areas:

  • Production / Project Management
  • Research and Development
  • Quality Management
  • Industrial Engineering etc.

Wherever you wish to start in our company, as our trainee you get the opportunity to discover the World of Diehl, and moreover Diehl gives you the opportunity to discover the world. Over time you will gain deep insights into various departments and markets, and you will profit from challenges that suit your individual interests, expertise and skills. Instead of imposing a rigid program routine for all our trainees, we take great care in developing the ideal course of tasks and places of action together with you.You can expect:

  • Excellent career opportunities thanks to an individual program design and – depending on the Corporate Division – a personal budget for your further development
  • A framework to extend your motivation and your sense of responsibility (e.g. through individual project tasks)
  • Networks and an experienced partners standing by your side at all times
  • A permanent position at Diehl after the program

We want you to feel at home with us, to gather experience and to share it with other trainees, your superiors and your colleagues. We train your personal, social and methodical competencies and give you feedback periodically. We will form a network together with you and we only wish to ensure one thing: That you remain part of the Diehl Group after the program. A successful completion of the program guarantees that we will offer you a secure position in our group.

Who We Are Looking For

Diehl is the place to go for those who think ahead, who want to make a difference by constantly broadening their horizon and by giving their best every day. You’re right for us if you’re ready to assume responsibility and fully commit yourself, but also appreciate being part of a stable community that keeps on going even when things do not work out the way you wanted. We expect you to:

  • have completed your studies in a technical or commercial field with above-average grades (Master or Diploma).
  • have engaged in internships, extracurricular activities or maybe volunteer work.
  • speak fluent German,  good English and possibly another foreign language.
  • have international experience due to your studies or internships.
  • look forward to build up and work in a comprehensive network.

Our Trainee Programs – All Divisions at a Glance

Getting Connected at Our Center of Operations

A commercial Trainee Program at Diehl Group brings you in touch with the entire range of our many fields of activity, opening up your way into the multi-faceted world of Diehl. From the beginning, you will assume responsibility and take on exciting projects in our Corporate Divisions – based in Germany, but involving assignments at our international Business Units. 

You can apply for our commercial Trainee Program if you hold a university degree in Economics, Business Administration or Economic Engineering with above-average degrees, and have some successful practical experience in the course specialization. Moreover, you work in a reliable and solution-oriented manner and have a commercial talent combined with an obvious affinity for figures. We expect you to show flexibility both in your way of thinking and with regard to the location of your deployment.

The course of the program will take you to several of our subsidiaries across the world. You are welcome anywhere in our Group and you will get a holistic insight into our operations from multiple perspectives. 
While it is true that our Corporate Divisions have different technological structures, they are still linked in a familial, cultural, strategic and commercial manner.

After a multi-level selection process, you will start your 15 – 18-months Trainee period in one of our Business Units, maybe even in our group headquarters in Nuremberg. Depending on your interests and skills, your work focus may be on the areas of Accounting, Controlling, Technical Purchasing or Human Resources.

If you have further questions about Trainee Programs with the Diehl Group, please contact us!

Turning Theory into Practice

As a technical trainee with Diehl Metall, you help shape the business portfolio of a globally leading manufacturer of sophisticated metal-processing solutions which are needed in a multitude of industries. 

You will get to know the processes in several of our departments – e.g. Digitalization / Automation, Data Analytics, Production, Development, Purchasing, Distribution or Quality – and assist us in optimizing them by contributing and implementing your own ideas.

This means channeling the power of innovation to create something new, and aligning it with existing process and production parameters – working with Diehl leads you into a world where theory meets practice on a daily basis. To provide you with the necessary skills for this ambitious task, we offer a number of support measures as part of the Trainee Program:

  • Cross-sectional training opportunities
  • Our “Young Graduates Program”   for additional support
  • Targeted training in project management

You hold an above-average technical university degree? You are ready to experience our business across many departments and countries, and willing to change your workplace every three to four months? You are looking for high responsibility right from the start – and appreciate permanent feedback

and mentoring support throughout your entire employment? In this case, the 18-months Diehl Metall Trainee Program may be the right choice for you. We are looking forward to your application!

If you have further questions about Trainee Programs with Diehl Metall, please contact us!

Gaining Technical Expertise on a Global Scale

As one of the leading specialists in home control and smart home solutions, no less than three out of four employees at Diehl Controls work out of Germany. Thus, technical expertise and intercultural competence are the two main pillars of our company’s success story.

If you wish to help in continuing this success story into the future as one of our technical trainees, you should bring a passion for technology and innovative design as well as the true spirit of an explorer who appreciates filling the individual space we open up for you.

The prerequisite for your application with us is an above-average university degree in Electrical Engineering, Informatics or Economic Engineering. A selection procedure will show if we are a good match, and – if this is the case – shape the basis for your 18-months technical Trainee Program.

The starting point is at our headquarters in Wangen im Allgäu, where you will participate in working out your individual program course. You may, for example, assume project responsibility in countries such as Mexico, China, or the United States of America. Your options are very varied – we’re looking forward to exploring them together with you!

If you have further questions about Trainee Programs with Diehl Controls, please contact us!

Creating High-tech Solutions for a Highly Complex Environment

A technical Trainee Program with Diehl Defence takes you through all areas of a multifaceted high-tech world. As one of the market leaders in Defence systems, we stand for the hallmark ”Made in Germany“ in its true meaning: Perfection, precision and quality. 

The technical portfolio of Diehl Defence is as diverse as it is fascinating – and it requires full commitment from your side: A cross-sectional way of thinking and acting. Having a high level of motivation and a sense of living up to the highest quality standards in a very complex and challenging environment.

If you are up to these challenges, internationally experienced, and have completed your university studies in a technical field with above-average results and a Master’s degree or Doctorate, we are looking forward to your application for our 18-months Trainee Program!

The course of your Diehl Defence Trainee Program leads you through different projects, which we will create together with you from our Development, Production and Product Management departments. You will benefit from comprehensive trainings in state-of-the-art technologies and constant, constructive feedbacks. As a trainee, you will get to the bottom of demanding technological issues, coordinate things with internal and external points of contact while keeping an eye on commercial aspects.

If you have further questions about Trainee Programs with Diehl Defence, please contact us!

A Smooth Start for High Flyers

Diehl Aviation is a globally renowned developer of aircraft cabin design and avionics solutions. As such, what we offer you with our technical Trainee Program is a ticket into a comprehensive on-the-job development that puts a strong emphasis on your professional, social, and personal skills alike. With Diehl Aviation, you will enrich our capabilities by extending yours.

An above-average university degree in a technical field is required in order to apply for our 18-months Trainee Program. As our Trainee, your interests and desires are important to us. You will be given room to test the skills that you acquired during your studies or internships, and to put them to use in exciting projects together with your colleagues.

We expect and encourage you to make important contributions to keeping Diehl Aviation on top. You will do research, optimize logistics and production processes or improve the product quality – depending on the focus you defined with us in the beginning of the program.

During the course of your Trainee Program, you will gain insight into our product and solution portfolios at our main Business Units, and have the opportunity to go abroad and get involved in different projects of our various business units.

If you have further questions about Trainee Programs with Diehl Aviation, please contact us!

Measuring Up to the Standards of Tomorrow

Diehl Metering is one of the biggest manufacturers of measuring instruments for water, thermal energy, gas and electricity worldwide. We are fascinated by driving forward technical standards – and so should you if you want to join our technical Trainee Program.

A strong sense for physical properties, precise yet creative thinking, and an almost organic perception of what seems to be inanimate material is crucial for your development with Diehl Metering.

You have a chance to join our 18-months Trainee Program if you hold an above-average university degree in Electrical Engineering, Economic Engineering or Mechatronics.

Our Development Department, Production Management or Quality Assurance are just a few examples of where you may gain valuable professional experience during your employment. Your program will be individually tailored to your skills and interests, and comprise either four or five project stations. After your start at our Business Units in Ansbach or Nuremberg you will be directly involved in ongoing projects in France, Poland, Hungary, Brazil or China. You will work in a solution-oriented way and we will systematically strengthen your competencies – both the professional and the personal ones.

If you have further questions about traineeships with Diehl Metering, please contact us!

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