A Head Start for Young Potentials

Diehl offers ideal opportunities for graduates who want to prove their talent and ambition by taking over responsibility right from the start of their career, e.g. in our technical and commercial Trainee Program. And for those who are looking for promising prospects in the long run: Many leadership positions in our company today are filled by former trainees. 

Our Options for Graduates

If you have just finished your academic studies and want to make Diehl the starting point of your career, there are two basic options available: You can join us through Direct Entry, or you can apply for one of the Trainee Programs we offer at our German Business Units. In either case, you should already have collected some practical working experience beforehand – at Diehl or elsewhere – as an intern or student employee.

Direct Entry is the right choice for those graduates who are looking for a clearly-defined position within our group and a high level of autonomy from the very beginning of their assignment. In this case, your training will mainly be “on the job“: You are free to apply directly and to develop your knowledge and skills in our tasks and projects. Your managers and your peers will do everything to make your integration into the “Diehl Family” as smooth as possible, e.g. with individual development measures.

Traineeships at Diehl

At Diehl, we offer two different types of Trainee Programs: commercial and technical. The commercial ones are offered as corporate programs, and the technical ones by our Corporate Divisions. Learn all about the individual procedures and requirements below. The commercial programs cover the following areas:

  • Accounting / Controlling
  • Technical Procurement
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing / Sales and Distribution

The engineering / technical programs cover the following areas:

  • Production / Project Management
  • Research and Development
  • Quality Management
  • Industrial Engineering etc.

Wherever you wish to start in our company, as our trainee you get the opportunity to discover the World of Diehl, and moreover Diehl gives you the opportunity to discover the world. Over time you will gain deep insights into various departments and markets, and you will profit from challenges that suit your individual interests, expertise and skills. Instead of imposing a rigid program routine for all our trainees, we take great care in developing the ideal course of tasks and places of action together with you.You can expect:

  • Excellent career opportunities thanks to an individual program design and – depending on the Corporate Division – a personal budget for your further development
  • A framework to extend your motivation and your sense of responsibility (e.g. through individual project tasks)
  • Networks and an experienced partners standing by your side at all times
  • A permanent position at Diehl after the program

We want you to feel at home with us, to gather experience and to share it with other trainees, your superiors and your colleagues. We train your personal, social and methodical competencies and give you feedback periodically. We will form a network together with you and we only wish to ensure one thing: That you remain part of the Diehl Group after the program. A successful completion of the program guarantees that we will offer you a secure position in our group.

 Who We Are Looking For

Diehl is the place to go for those who think ahead, who want to make a difference by constantly broadening their horizon and by giving their best every day. You’re right for us if you’re ready to assume responsibility and fully commit yourself, but also appreciate being part of a stable community that keeps on going even when things do not work out the way you wanted. We expect you to:

  • have completed your studies in a technical or commercial field with above-average grades (Master or Diploma).
  • have engaged in internships, extracurricular activities or maybe volunteer work.
  • speak fluent German,  good English and possibly another foreign language.
  • have international experience due to your studies or internships.
  • look forward to build up and work in a comprehensive network.

Our Trainee Programs – All Divisions at a Glance

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