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As a water and energy provider you need a flexible solution for remotely reading consumption meters that is tailored to your precise needs. You are interested in a mobile meter reading solution? We can assist you with a wide range of communication solutions. 

Carry out Walk-by mobile readings or Drive-by readings at up to 50km/h. Diehl Metering also allows for a Passive Drive-by solution – for example, refuse collection vehicles can easily be fitted with radio receivers for mobile readings of transmitting meters. Collect data from consumption meters with minimal effort, correctly bill for the relevant date and automate tiresome routines. Your customers no longer need to read their own meters or be at home for meter readings. 

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    Berliner Wasserbetriebe is Germany’s largest municipal water supply and wastewater disposal company. Diehl Metering was commissioned by Berliner Wasserbetriebe to implement an extensive drive-by solution, enabling exact reading date consumption values to be recorded and making the process considerably more efficient.  

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  • The regional authority of Grand Belfort (France) plans to improve the service for consumers, not least by simplifying the procedure for reading water meters. An innovative drive-by solution has been installed in the region to make data management and billing processes more efficient – using refuse collection vehicles for automatic meter readings.  

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