SCYLAR INT 8 Glycol version



The SCYLAR INT 8 glycol version is a thermal energy calculator conforming to the European standard, allowing the measurement of cooling energy (absorbed thermal energy). It can be used for heating or cooling (dual-function version). The SCYLAR INT 8 glycol version allows the operator to monitor and optimize the remote management; it can be directly connected to a Centralized Technical Management unit, to provide large quantities of instant or saved parameters.


  • Cool version
  • Heat-transfer fluid: TYFOCOR LS, or other glycol fluids
  • Low power consumption for enhanced battery lifetime (up to 16 years in standard use)
  • Suitable for 2 and 4 wires temperature sensor connection
  • Integrated radio option
  • Modular version, M-Bus, RS232, RS485, Analog outputs 4-20mA
  • Pulse outputs and pulse inputs
  • General
    ApplicationTYFOCOR LS or other glycol fluids
    Protection classIP 54
    Battery supply3.6 VDC D-cell up to 16 years lifetime*
    Mains supply24 VAC; 230 VAC / ≤ 0.15 W
    Volume pulse input frequencyMax. 200 Hz; pulse durance > 3 ms
    Pulse valuel/pulse1, 10, 100 and 1,0001
    Temperature sensor typePt 500 with 2- or 4- wire leads; Ø 5.2mm
    Cable length of temperature sensorPt 500: 2/5/10m
    Calculation cycles2
    1 Depending on size of flow sensor
    *Standard conditions of use and temperature. Theoretical life, with no guarantee
  • Reach

    Information pursuant to Article 33 (1) of Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 December 2006:
    This product series contains components with the following substances in a concentration of more than 0.1% weight by weight (w/w):
    - Lead (CAS no.: 7439-92-1)
    - 1,2-dimethoxyethane (CAS no.: 110-71-4)

  • Basic features
    Ambient class (MID)Class E2 + M2
    Ambient temperature°C0 ... +55
    Ambient storage temperature°C-25 ... +60 (>35 °C max. 4 weeks)
    Communication3 communication interfaces (e. g. M-Bus + M-Bus + Int. Radio; 2 primary addresses, 1 secondary address)
    Integrated RadioOptional
    Interfaces standardOptical ZVEI interface
    Interfaces optional2 slots for modules with M-Bus, L-Bus, RS232, RS485, pulse output, pulse input, combined pulse in-/output or analogue output
    Temperatures range°C0 ... +180
  • Integrated Radio
    Frequency band868 or 434 MHz
    Type of radio telegramOpen Metering Standard (OMS) profile A & B
    Transmission data updatingOnline - no time delay between value measurement and data transmission
    Data transmissionUnidirectional T1 mode
    Sending interval12s (up to 16 years lifetime*) depending on length of telegram (duty cycle)
    *Standard conditions of use and temperature. Theoretical life, with no guarantee
  • Display
    Display indicationLCD, 8-digit
    UnitsMWh - kWh - GJ - Gcal - MBtu - gal - GPM - °C - °F - m³ - m³/h
    Total values99,999,999 - 9,999,999.9 - 999,999.99 - 99,999.999
    Displayed valuesEnergy - Volume - Flow rate - Power -Temperatures
  • Interfaces
    OpticalZVEI interface, for communication and testing, M-Bus protocol, 2,400 bauds
    M-BusConfigurable telegram according to EN13757-3, data reading and parametrization are via 2 wires with polarity reversal protection, auto baud detect (300 and 2,400 bauds), 2 M-Bus with 2 primary addresses
    L-BusAdapter for external radio module, configurable telegram according to EN13757-3, data reading and parametrization are via 2 wires with polarity reversal protection
    RS232Serial interface for communication with external devices, a special data cable is required, M-Bus protocol, 300 and 2,400 bauds
    RS485Serial interface for communication with external devices, power supply with 12 V ± 5 V, M-Bus protocol, 2,400 bauds
    Pulse outputModule with 2 Open Collector pulse outputs (potential-free), output 1: 4 Hz (pulse width 125 ms), pulse or static conditions (e.g. errors), output 2: 200 Hz (pulse width ≥ 5 ms), ratio: pulse duration / pulse break ~ 1:1, configurable via IZAR@MOBILE 2 software
    Pulse inputModule with 2 pulse inputs, max. 20 Hz, configurable via IZAR@MOBILE 2 software, data can be transferred remotely
    Combined pulse in-/outputModule with 2 pulse inputs and 1 pulse output, configurable via IZAR@MOBILE 2 software, needed for leak detection
    Analogue outputModule for 4 ... 20 mA with 2 programmable passive outputs, programmable value in case of error
  • Temperature input
    Measuring cycleTsWith mains unit: 2s | with D-cell battery: 4s
    Starting temperature differenceΔΘK0.125
    Min. temperature differenceΔΘminK3
    Max. temperature differenceΔΘmaxK175
    Absolute temperature measuring rangeΘ°C-20 ... +190
  • Dimensions
    Overall lengthLmm150
    Width of calculatorBmm100