IZAR PORT PULSE offers the possibility to connect resource meters with pulse output to an M-Bus network (transformation of pulses to M-Bus protocol). It is suitable for all meter types with a pulse transmitter, open collector or current loop (S0) output.


  • Two independent pulse counters
  • Configuration via M-Bus interface or optical ZVEI interface using HYDRO-PORT software
  • Physical unit and medium programmable for each input
  • Pulse divisor programmable for each input
  • Power supply via M-Bus, Backup battery to ensure pulse counting if M-Bus fails
  • External power suppy input for connecting meters with current loop (S0) output
  • Principle of operation

    IZAR PORT PULSE consists of an electronic unit that collects meter pulses which are converted into physical units. The data is transmitted via M-Bus protocol to a data concentrator (M-Bus Master IZAR CENTER).

  • General
    HousingLight-grey rail mount housing with fuse profile
    Cable lengthMax. 1.5 m for connecting pulse transmitter / open collector
    InterfacesM-Bus output; Input for external power supply; at a time 2 inputs for pulse (voltage-free) and current loop (S0) contacts; optical ZVEI interface
    ConfigurationVia ZVEI or M-Bus and HYDRO-PORT software (free of charge)
  • Technical data
    Power supplyVia M-Bus or Lithium battery 3.6 V
    Power supply (S0)V24
    Pulse frequencyHzMax. 50
    Pulse widthmsMin. 7.5
    Protection classIP 20
  • Ambient conditions
    Humidity max.%70
    Temperature range°C0 ... 60
  • Dimensions
    Width 1B1mm49
    Width 2B2mm32
    Height 1H1mm49
    Height 2H2mm32