IZAR PLUS PORTAL is the Diehl Metering software solution for collecting, managing and analysing multi-energy meters data provided by our different reading solutions, such as mobile, passive drive-by (garbage truck), fixed network or wired M-Bus.
The application is accessible 24/7 from any place and operating system thus increasing your flexibility of administering metering data, read out processes and supply network.
With its new interface, IZAR PLUS PORTAL is a user-friendly, ergonomic and performant application allowing easy access to your multi-energy metering data (water, thermal energy, gas, electricity ...).
In addition to all features for operations, IZAR PLUS PORTAL integrates automatic analyses of your meter data and alarms with a possible e-mail notification. IZAR PLUS PORTAL various versions and capacities offer a suitable response to your needs.

  • 24/7 internet accessible data
  • Multi-energy management (water, thermal energy, gas, electricity ...)
  • Meter map visualization
  • Access to data facilitated through tables and graphs
  • ISO 27001 certified hosting platform
  • Secured 256-bit SSL encrypted connection
  • Automatic updates
  • System requirements

    • Min. 2 Mbit internet connection
    • Min. screen resolution 1024 x 768
    • Web browser: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer (current and predecessor version)

  • General features

    • 24/7 web access
    • Management of multi-users and access rights
    • Dashboard for displaying important information
    • Consumption management
    • Possibility to create metering sub-groups
    • Data import and export (csv and xls)
    • Intelligent search function and multiple filtering options
    • Pre-defined graphics in the meter detailed view
    • Interactive mapping for the meters
    • Built-in task scheduler

    • Standard analyses
    -Consumption (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly ...)
    -Night-time consumption
    -Meters aggregation
    -Unread meters
    -Alarms (IZAR, SHARKY …)

    • Advanced analyses
    -Virtual meters (mathematical operations ...)
    -Analyses of network performances or district metering areas (DMA)

    • Email notification on meter alarms
    • Automatic and individual data reduction

  • Available Modules
    MobileEnables the integration of our mobile application (via IZAR WIN CE and IZAR@MOBILE) for the organisation of Walk-by / Drive-by tours, for reading / management of radio meters and meter data
    Fixed NetworkUtilize file-based FTP server import in a Fixed Network installation / Automatized import (via task scheduler)
    Smart AnalysisEnables the creation of individual analyses for specific reports (e.g. leakage report, monitoring of a heat network ...)
    Advanced analysisAllows the management of virtual meters as well as the analysis functionalities of the network performance and DMA.
  • Application Screenshots
  • Application Screenshots
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