Move to new premises strengthens Diehl Metering‘s presence in China

Move to new premises strengthens Diehl Metering‘s presence in China Move to new premises strengthens Diehl Metering‘s presence in China
Diehl Metering

Our team in China ended the Year of the Ox on a high note by relocating to new premises to bring everyone together on a single site in the Eastern city of Jinan. The move aims to increase operational efficiency while offering us the scope we need to continue our growth, a year after we opened our high-tech Smart Heating Laboratory in Luoyang, central China.

Since January 19, 2022, Diehl Metering Jinan has inaugurated its new offices, production area and warehouse in the Jinan Innovation Zone (JIZ). This economic development zone is ranked by the Chinese government as one of the country’s very best in terms of technology innovation, internationalization, global competitiveness and sustainable development.

The new site covers 4,722m2 (50,827 square feet) and includes an exhibition hall, where decoration work will begin in March. Diehl Metering Jinan was established in December 2004, and has since grown to employ around a hundred people, with both mechanical and ultrasonic meters now produced locally.

To mark the move, the team combined its annual conference with an opening ceremony on January 26. The timing was perfect to welcome in the Year of the Tiger, which started on February 1 and symbolizes strength and new beginnings.

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