LoRaWAN® on water meter: HYDRUS 2.0 Excellence via Precision.

Already existing with IZAR, OMS standard and mioty® connectivity, the HYDRUS 2.0 Domestic can now be part of a LoRaWAN®* IoT network. Constantly expanding around the world, LoRa® technology is being implemented in a wide variety of sensors, enabling the development of smart cities.

LoRaWAN® on water meter: HYDRUS 2.0 Excellence via Precision. LoRaWAN® on water meter: HYDRUS 2.0 Excellence via Precision.
Diehl Metering

Metrology at its best

Integrated seamlessly with our HYDRUS 2.0 smart domestic meter, LoRaWAN® empowers utilities by automatically obtaining precise consumption data. Thanks to the HYDRUS meter’s ultrasonic technology with a broad spectrum (R800), it can measure the smallest drop. On the other hand, the HYDRUS 2.0 is unaffected by scale, sand, or air interference, ensuring exceptional measurement stability and durability in any environment.

This ensures billing is efficient and accurate, facilitating real-time and regular billing cycles. Additionally, utilities gain access to comprehensive water consumption history and receive timely leak detection alarms and alerts, enabling them to effectively monitor and optimize their water networks.

What's special about LoRaWAN®

Creating digital twins is just a click away with HYDRUS 2.0 LoRaWAN® technology, which enhances network operational efficiency through bi-directional communication. Paired with the IZAR Meter Data Management (MDM) software IZAR@NET 2 or any other MDM software, meter configurations can be effortlessly transmitted remotely, eliminating the need for manual adjustments.

This seamless integration also allows for remote reset of alarms and synchronization of clocks, facilitating smooth network management. Once all meters are synchronized, the analysis of historical data becomes accessible, unlocking various possibilities such as leak detection.

The HYDRUS 2.0 Domestic range makes it possible to create interoperable and flexible digital networks.

The ultrasonic smart water meters HYDRUS 2.0 Domestic range, which has has proven its necessity in smart networks by already 8 million installed meters worldwide, now offers a broad choice of connectivity technologies. Whether you create your own network or join an already existing in your city, HYDRUS 2.0 Domestic smart water meters can be added as any other plug & play device. Whether with LoRaWAN®, OMS or mioty® technology, the HYDRUS 2.0 Domestic will ensure seamless data transmission, even in challenging environments.


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